I’m A-Skeered of Siri



I’m not gonna lie: those Siri commercials give me the willies.


I’m not afraid of the phone, per se, it’s the celebrities and their blatant lack of friends. Really, Samuel Jackson? You’ve got no one in your life more important than your phone’s fake voice? You even canceled golf, with real people, to spend the day with a talking electronic device? And Zooey, you’re no better. You’re “adork-able” dammit! Can’t you get out there and interact with some equally lovable people? People, I say? And don’t get me started, John Malkovich. I can’t begin to describe how unsettling your ads are. Talk about heebie-jeebies.


And then I read this blog post from Joe Kraus. Not only does he make points regarding our dependence on our electronic devices, he also describes our subsequent shortcomings resulting from said dependency. It’s a fascinating post, and I encourage you to read it through.


After I finished reading Mr. Kraus’ post, I realized I could not disagree with him. And I realized one other thing: those Siri ads are even sadder than I thought.

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