Framing Ceremony



I don’t know if I’ve ever told you about one of the coolest rituals at the studio where I paint: the Framing Ceremony.


When one of us finishes a painting, our teacher takes it into his office for a moment, then returns with the painting placed in a frame. He props it up on an easel or on the floor (depending on size), and we all ooo and aahhh over the finished product.


The above photo was taken last night, and it was a grand framing ceremony. But then something happened: another student finished a painting, and so we had a second awesome framing ceremony…



Near the end of the night, yet another student’s masterpiece was completed and we all experienced the third framing ceremony of the evening…



Honestly, I was ooo-ing and aahhh-ing so much – I didn’t want it to end. But it did.


As you can see, we all paint completely different subjects and styles. That makes for a gallery feel at the studio and insures there’s always plenty of eye-candy in the joint. I usually take a moment or two just to look around and see what everyone’s up to. It is always interesting.


I love a good framing ceremony. And 3 in 1 night was a first for me. Our teacher said the record is 5 in 1 night. I’d be down with that. Fortunately, I’m well-versed in ooos and aahhhs.


  1. I love to see the transformation that happens when the frame is placed around a painting for the first time. The artists’ faces go from “just something kinda cool that I painted” to “oh my goodness – this is REAL ARTWORK”! Never fails.

    Thanks for posting this. We have a GREAT teacher, and so many inspirational artists… and Y-O-U are at the top of the list with your awe-striking gi-normous opuses!!

  2. Sis Ivd says:

    Oh what a difference a frame makes! All of the art work is beautiful on its own BUT that frame is like a crown making it a bit more special!

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