About Mikki…

I’m an Aries and a Pepper.

My favorite Beastie is Mike D.

I met Johnny Cash when I was 6 years old.

I’ve never been to Disneyland.

I live in sunny Los Angeles, California. I reside in the southern part of the state because I’m a southern gal (originally from Georgia). I never thought I’d commit to the area, but I cannot deny loving the weather. Earthquakes? Not so much.

I’ve lived all over the United States, mostly with Mister. He was my high-school sweetheart. He’s still my high-school sweetheart, only now we’re legal.

I’m beyond creative. While that doesn’t necessarily equal brilliance,  it does drive me to try my hand at innumerable endeavors. And I truly love the art of it all, be it writing/producing music, building a kitchen table, painting a cityscape or brewing iced tea.

And then there’s the joy. I’m grateful to wake each morning and I do my best to count my blessings each night. Choosing to be a positive person has changed my life. For the better. I can’t imagine living any other way.

Welcome to my Life of Art.