Heads or Tails



Today is World Pasta Day and I’d like to celebrate that, as I really love me some pasta.


Today is also my Patty’s birthday and I’d like to celebrate that, as I really love me some Patty. And some cake.


Tonight is the first game of the World Series. I’d like to root, root, root for the Cleveland Indians, as they’ve been my team for over 20 years. Then again, I’d like to root, root, root for the Chicago Cubs, because come on! Who doesn’t love the Cubbies?


If I were a better me, I’d make a damned decision and stick with it. I could at least flip a coin or something. But I’m not a better me. I’m a me me. That probably means I’ll end up eating nachos, forgetting to call Patty, and go to painting class and miss the first game of the World Series altogether.


Note to self: get your shit together, girl! Dag!

World Pasta Day!



This day gets me excited each year: World Pasta Day!


I happen to love pasta. But then, I love bread and carbs and all things gooey. So there you go.


As I have a lovely sauce in the fridge, I’m thinking lasagna might be in order. Hmm. How great is it that we have a whole day devoted to pasta? It draws a tear, I tell ya.

D-Squared T-Squared – Week 43




This past weekend’s creative endeavor was pasta, in honor of World Pasta Day.


Mister and I decided to make a pumpkin-ricotta stuffing for ravioli and we got to rolling. And stuffing. And eventually – eating.


Here’s the straight dope: it was okay. The pasta could have been thinner. The ravioli could have been smaller. (The giant pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter we used was a bit too big.) Even the brown butter-sage-balsamico sauce could have been, well, something.



In the end, everything simply was what it was and that was that. It was a lot of effort for a so-so dinner. And the experience might have caused some to stick to store-bought. But we’re not giving up. We think we can make better pasta and we’ll keep at it. I mean, it’s food. And food can be marvelous, delicious art, right? Right.

World Pasta Day



Something or other is probably denoted on each day of the year as X Day or Y Day. To be perfectly honest, I don’t usually give a hoot about any of that. But today’s designation is something I can really sink my teeth into: World Pasta Day.


I think this began almost 2 decades ago, probably to encourage more global consumption of pasta. But I have to ask – do we really need to push pasta? Aren’t we all consuming more than our share? No? Just me?


I have lived most of my adult life thinking pasta was brought from Asia to Italy by Marco Polo, back in the 13th century. But I’ve recently read that pasta in Italy dates to Etruscan times, way before young Polo’s adventures. Believe it or not, this information has kind of thrown me for a loop. I mean, what else do I “know” that’s wrong?


My neurosis aside, I do love pasta and think that today I’ll get out the old pasta machine and make a fresh batch. Maybe I can enlist Mister’s help. Maybe we’ll even toast Marco Polo and the Etruscans. Yep. I’ll drink – and eat – to that.