Happy Christmas




For reals.

Monday. Ready.



I had an awesome weekend! There was Mister’s Mama’s Tuna Casserole on Friday night, along with the movie “Sicario.” (It’s crazy, y’all. Good, and crazy.) And then on Saturday night, our friend’s annual WEXMAS party went down (I’ll post about it this week). And last night The Golden Globes were on, but more importantly, we had amazing Osso Buco Milanese for dinner. And it was good, friends.


So now it’s Monday and it’s time to get busy, busy, busy. I don’t find that overwhelming or anything. I actually find it exciting! Life! It’s fabulous!


And I’m ready.

Unexpected Pleasures



A couple of days ago I shared a bit about this year’s WEXMAS party. But I neglected to share anything about the gift Mister and I brought home: Thou Spleeny Swag-Bellied Miscreant – Create Your Own Shakespearean Insults book.


Here’s how it works. You open the cover to reveal ring-bound pages, divided into 3 sections. You can choose any “page” from each section. Read together, they equal something along the lines of this…



At first, I thought it was just another dorky WEXMAS gift. But now I’m starting to appreciate it. I mean, my vocab could definitely use a refresher. Maybe this little book is just the ticket. After all, I don’t want to always sound like a Milk-livered Burly-boned Coxcomb…




This past weekend was WEXMAS XVI! What? Not clear on WEXMAS?



WEXMAS is our friend Tiffany’s Armenian White Elephant Christmas Gift Exchange. It is one of the oddest and coolest parties ever and Mister and I are fortunate enough to make the cut.



Some years the recycled gifts are run-of-the-mill. Some years battles ensue over primo gifts. This year’s gifts leaned a bit toward run-of-the-mill, and that was okay.



The food, friends, is always aces. Tiffany prepares an Armenian feast, from scratch. I don’t know what to tell you. I look forward to this food all year and it always, always, always satisfies.



I know Tiff stresses out over putting this party together. There’s a lot of decorating, a lot of cooking, a lot of party stuff to manage.



And for those who live elsewhere, L.A. is a land of flakes. People don’t RSVP, so a hostess is left guessing how much food to prepare and never knows just who might show up. (Even those who do RSVP often don’t show.)



With all the fretting involved, Tiffany has threatened to put an end to WEXMAS. Personally, I understand the temptation.



But I also love attending this party and hope it keeps going. Tiffany really is the Hostess With The Mostest and she is adored. And if this year’s soiree turns out to have been the last, I will be forever grateful to have attended for so long. And to have such a swingin’ friend as Tiff.





For 10 years now Mister and I have been fortunate enough to be invited to an annual event known as WEXMAS. It’s been going on for 15 years, so we feel attached to this seasonal soiree and its attendees. This past weekend, the bash went down.



WEXMAS, in its youth, was known as “Armenian White Elephant Christmas Party.” Our friend, Feeny, is the hostess with the most-ess and she throws a mean WEXMAS, with an Armenian feast and more panache than you can shake a tinseled stick at. Each year, Feeny brings an eclectic assortment of folks together to exchange the weirdest, coolest and sometimes grossest gifts imaginable. For instance, there’s been an actual “Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There’s been a giant bag of shredded US money – $2 million dollars worth (I kid you not). Those things are awesome. But there’s also been a box of various half-empty lotion bottles and a glass penis sculpture. One man’s trash…



This year Mister and I put together a box of assorted finds from the new abode (shown above). Most of the items were discovered around the house, left behind by the previous care-givers (cassettes, Leif Garrett book, old “Vibe” magazine). A couple of items came from our own moving boxes (DVDs, Guinness Book of World Records – 2000 edition, CDs). A couple of included items were old WEXMAS gifts that we never disposed of (fireworks, colored Margarita salt). This box of goodies was funny and desirable – it was “stolen” once by someone who got all googly-eyed over that Leif Garrett book. Again, one man’s trash…



Mister and I have not always fared so well in these exchanges. We’ve come home with some real doozies. Some years we’ve immediately placed our “gifts” into a goodwill box. Other years the items have ended up in the trash. That glass penis sculpture? It’s packed away somewhere. We’ll find it eventually and then we’ll decide if it’s a keeper or not. If it’s to go, it will be wrapped and set aside for next year’s WEXMAS.


This year, however, Mister and I ended up with some pretty cool goods. He got this awesome framed-fish-photos piece, which we will actually hang, y’all.



And I ended up with a “Sweet Valley High” board game. Someone at the party asked if I planned to sell it on eBay. I told her I planned to play it. (Duh.) And I will.



WEXMAS is always the party of the year, and I suppose that can be attributed to a variety of factors. But the biggest reason the party is so killer is Feeny herself. She is so amazing. Honestly, Mister and I marvel at this gal and feel tremendously honored to know her and call her friend. She’s cool, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s hot. And we love her. Truly.

A Brass Bra In January



It’s cold in L.A. Real cold. As in, I’ve been experiencing shivering in places that don’t normally shiver, y’all.


At Saturday night’s WEXMAS party, I was so cold my legs stopped working. And I was next to a patio heater, for cry-eye! In the mornings, my car is so cold I watch my breath until the old gal heats up (which usually takes about 15 minutes or so).


But hey, don’t feel too sorry me. It’s about to warm up in a couple of days and I’ll be back to wearing long-sleeved t-shirts for warmth.


In the meantime, though, feel free to laugh at me in my parka. That’s right – a parka. And know that I’m toasty to the core, with no shivering parts at all.