Water, Please



This post’s title could very well allude to our sad, sad drought. But that’s not my intention.


My intention is to tell you I’m trying to not drink during the week. This was my idea and I suggested to Mister that we limit our alcohol intake to weekends only. I figured it would be a good step, considering we get up at the booty crack of dawn during the week and I’d like to maintain my status as a lightweight on the booze front. Seriously. I love getting loopy after a single drink. If all I manage to down is two bevvies, so be it.


Anyhoo – that’s my intention. I very nearly had a glass of wine the day after I made the suggestion to abstain during the week. It was Monday. I had put forth the plan only the night before. So far, I’m hanging in there. I mean, it’s only been a week of school nights, but I’m remembering now. Of course, after the weekend, I may forget again. Who knows? Wish me luck.

Hump Day



I don’t always think about Wednesdays as being the middle of the work week. But once in a while, the thought crosses my mind. And on those occasions, I understand why some folks need to get through and over Hump Day.


Depending on one’s life and schedule, weekends can be a blessing. For me, the weekend means hanging out with Mister. Which I love. The weekend also means cooking (and eating) good food. Maybe seeing loved ones. Maybe just chilling the hell out.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand that weekends may be a curse for some folks. Maybe there’s ugliness in a relationship and the weekend brings too much time with someone. Or maybe there’s a double-shift on Saturday and the very thought of punching that clock is draining. If you’ve never felt the dread that accompanies painful situations – be they professional or personal – consider yourself blessed. We are not all on the same schedule, nor are we all wearing the same shoes. A whole lot of souls do not look forward to certain days of the week.


Today, in the middle of the work week, I happen to feel blessed. I’m healthy and loved. I have work to occupy my hands and creative endeavors to occupy my spirit. Today I will tick this Hump Day off the calendar, moving me 24 hours closer to Friday and to whatever the weekend provides. I’m already excited.

Sweet Fancy Moses



You ever have a weekend that’s so jam-packed with activities that you need another weekend just to recover? I just had one of those. And it was fabulous. And exhausting. And fun. And draining. And memorable. And it severely affected my sleep time.


But you know what they say – there’s no rest for the wicked. So I’ll just have to recover incrementally, if at all. And that’s okay. Because life is busy sometimes. Busy and beautiful.

Monday, Monday



So we survived the hot weekend. We survived a gas leak. And we survived binge-watching “The Curse of Oak Island.” Basically, we survived.


But that isn’t fair, really, as we also had good food and laughs. There was a late-night swim with our buddy Feeny. There were naps and painting and filing and living. It was a weekend. And weekends, at their best, are lovely.


It was lovely. And now it’s on to Monday, Monday. I can trust that day. And today is a good day for a good day. Let’s live it, shall we?


Here we go…

Monday, Monday



Some Mondays find me happy the weekend is over. Some find me wanting to go back to re-live my weekend. I never know which way I’ll feel until I’m knee-deep into any given Monday.


This fine day is interesting. I’m super-happy to start a new week. I’m happy to have woken at all. I’ve got plenty to do. I also had a fab weekend. I got to visit with friends and family. I got to eat and drink, drink, drink. And then I got to eat some more. Pool time was pretty awesome, too.


Maybe what I’m feeling is The Flow. Maybe I’m experiencing what it means to be present in one’s life. To bloom where I’m planted.


Whatever it is, I’m grateful. And I highly recommend it. Gratitude is none too shabby, y’all.