Yesterday there were street closures in The Valley for what’s called CicLAvia. When this happens, L.A. streets become wide open for folks on bikes and on foot. Cars are banned  and there’s usually a pretty big turnout. In the past, CicLAvia has taken place on the other side of the hill. This was the first event to cross over into The Valley.


I was out and about, running errands, when I found myself at a red light. About a jillion riders crossed in front of me, making their way to the closed-to-cars streets. I was laughing at some of the garb and managed to grab my camera and snap a pic.


I didn’t head over to Ventura Boulevard, where the thousands of bikers roamed free. But I did battle tremendous traffic, as all those cars had to fit somewhere. And y’all – it wasn’t nearly as pretty as that dude’s hair.

Mr. Bill



I was cruising Ventura Boulevard recently and spotted Mr. Bill Murray on the boot of the car in front of me.


I love Bill Murray. I do. I first fell for him when I was a wee lass, sneaking up late at night to watch Saturday Night Live. Most of the jokes were beyond my single-digit age, but I still laughed. A lot. I wasn’t crushing on Bill Murray or anything. I just liked him. He seemed approachable. My young mind trusted him.


When Mr. Bill left SNL and made his first movie, “Meatballs,” I went nuts for it. I still flippin’ love that movie. For all its dorkiness, it has so much heart. I like to think that if I’d ever gone to summer camp, it would have been that one. At least that’s the way I’ve always imagined it.


When I saw the sticker on this car, it made me smile. I don’t know a ding-dang thang about Bill Murray. He may be the most ordinary guy on the planet, or he may be a gi-normous freak. Either way, thoughts of him reside in a special place in my heart. Clearly, a Maxima driver in L.A. feels the same way.