Painting Class



Someone in my painting class is working on a Venice scene. I’m sure it will be lovely.


Just watching him paint made me feel a little pang. I loved Venice (the one time I was there), and I would be so happy to return. Alas, that’s not in my current deck of cards.


For now, I’ll just have to cherish my memories. And watch my classmate’s art evolve. Seriously, it will be lovely.

A Place I Love



While I’m in my coma, I think I’ll share a few things I love in this world…


I love Italy. I love so many Italian towns, but the above photo was snapped on a trip to Venice, and it is that town I’d like to highlight.


Venice is romance. It is hope. It is dreams. I’m sure it has its dark side, but I never saw it. In fact, what I mostly saw were scenes like the one above. Around every corner. And it couldn’t have been lovelier.


When I look at this photo, it brings me comfort. Just knowing Venice is there makes me smile.


I sure hope I get back there some day.




I’ve not been on a proper vacation in a dog’s age. As of this writing, there isn’t one on the horizon.


I’ve been blessed to travel the world. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’m not done.


For now, I may spend a little time looking through my old vacation photos. If I close my eyes, I can remember the food, the air, the emotions…


The world is a beautiful place.