4th Day_Highgate Cemetery West_Entrance_Phone Photo


New month.


It is entirely possible I have loads to say about that. It is likely I won’t share my thoughts – here – on the subject. That I’ll just ride it out like everyone else. Those in my immediate vicinity will surely have to endure my opinions, but I’m not new to them and they knew I was a cross-dressing pirate when they met me. Ahem…


I’m finally getting through the photos of Mister’s and my summer trip to the UK. We saw art in public places, which sometimes tickled and sometimes intrigued. Sometimes both…


1st Night_Elephant Statue during taxi ride_SB Phone Photo


We attended a Gin class. I’m okay with gin, but Mister is keen on it. My notes from the class mean nothing to anyone but me. I’m sure the notes of others were far more informed and detailed. I’m good with that…


2nd Night_Gin Master Class_Phone Photo_Notes


We saw both of the Harry Potter plays. In one day. I’m still processing. The stage craft was amazing and I can only tell you that magic is real…


3rd Day_Harry Potter and the Cursed Child_Outside_After_Phone Photo


We went on a cemetery tour. Lord knows I love a good cemetery and Highgate West is a doozy. (Many thanks to Drunken Bunny for hipping me to the place.) I would very much like to live there. Now. While I’m still kicking…


4th Day_Highgate Cemetery West_Egyptian Gateway_Phone Photo


We saw the Christo installation in Hyde Park. I’ve missed a few other Christo installations in the past, in various places. I was so happy to make this one in person…


4th Day_Hyde Park_Christo and a Queens Swan


We traipsed about the British Museum. The hours we spent there weren’t nearly enough to see all that’s available. I guess we’ll just have to go back…


5th Day_British Museum 2C


And then we took our asses to Scotland. Still working on those pics, and I won’t lie – the task is wearing on me. Who knew photographic evidence of travels could be so overwhelming? In case you’re thinking, “But Mikki – you’ve only shown a few photos here. What’s the hubbub, Bub?” Well, I’ll tell ya. You’re seeing only a few of the thousands of photos being processed. So cut me some slack, Jack. Dag.


But don’t misconstrue. I’m not feeling pitiful. I have great music in the headphones and cooler weather surrounding me while I work. I’m feeling creatively inspired and downright hopeful. Next week’s elections may put a tremendous damper on that, but not today. Today I welcome Elevensies, a whole new month. Right this way, folks…


5th Day_British Museum_Ancient Hand




So I follow this dude’s blog, and have for a while. He lives in the UK and writes about pubs and drinking and his life and what-not and, I don’t know, I just enjoy it.


Anyhoo – this dude happens to be a runner. And while I do not run, I respect those who do and can appreciate their tales of running adventures. So when I recently read this dude’s post, I was rapt. Rapt, I tell you!


So do yourself a favor and read this particular entry he posted. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be shaking your head in awe. I’m still amazed!




I think I’ve written about my friend Carrie before, and how she’s a tennis judge. She’s worked her way up and down through the years, and is reaping some beautiful benefits.


Wimbledon. This is Carrie’s first time working this, the oldest tennis tournament on the planet, and she’s updating some of us as she goes. I just love getting her updates. They’re so full of her typical enthusiasm and positive attitude, as well as details of her time in the UK. Not only does she share tales of her sightseeing, she also gives insight into the job at hand. I don’t know squat about judging tennis. Carrie brings it to life and helps me feel her experience. That’s fun!


I have to admit, I mostly love thinking about my friend as she gets to do these wonderful things in life. I guess that’s part of cheering people on, and wanting the best for them. Each time I receive an update from Carrie, I start smiling before reading the first words. That’s called joy, friends, and it’s fabulous.


So if your fütbol viewing allows enough time for some tennis, enjoy Wimbledon. And remember this: those judges around the courts are regular folks, just like us. Ain’t that awesome!

Oddities Schmoddities



After posting about finding a dead hummingbird by my back door, I heard from someone who wondered if I kept any of the feathers. I did not.


Those feathers were indeed beautiful, but I am a bit of a germaphobe. As it was, after I moved the little guy out into the yard so that he could decompose (or serve some other purpose in life’s circle), I about needed a Silkwood shower. I know, I know. It’s my sickness.


But thinking about keeping things like feathers and frog skeletons – which my dear reader listed among her own collection of oddities – I got to thinking about a super cool place I once visited.


It’s called the Natural History Museum at Tring and it’s located in Tring Hertforshire in the UK. When Mister and I went, we were told by a dear friend and Tring resident that the main thing to look for was the flea wearing a sombrero. Our buddy assured us that was the most brilliant item in the museum. Once inside, we realized our friend was a bit whacked out.


The museum houses countless specimens, many now extinct. I don’t recall how far back the collection dates, but it is astounding. As Mister and I wandered around the museum, our mouths were agape in awe. There was so much to see, my brain nearly overloaded. By the time we found the flea wearing a sombrero, we had toured the entire facility and were absolutely gobsmacked.


I don’t mind when folks have their own private collections of oddities. I mean, there are limits, people. No shrunken human heads or anything. Please. But regular old stuff that occurs in our natural habitats? That’s okay. Shows a bit of character, if you ask me. Odd character, maybe. But character, just the same.


And by the way – if you ever, ever, ever find yourself near Tring, make a stop at the Museum of Natural History. It’s worth the trip. And yes, make sure you find the flea wearing a sombrero. You’re welcome.