Sweet, Sweet Girkin



Last week I got some bad news. My friend’s dog, Girkin, passed away.


Girkin was one of my favorite dogs – period. He was one of those rare animals who belongs to no one. Instead, a whole lot of us humans belonged to him. Fortunately for me, I was one of those souls.


The Gurr was friendly and laid back. He was small in stature, but man was he the Top Dog! I remember a time when I was sitting on my friend’s front porch, waiting for her to come home. Girkin had found me there and was sitting, watching me. After a few minutes some large, strange dog came running up toward me, barking and growling. Without hesitation, Girkin jumped up in my lap and turned to face the scary dog. The Gurr barked so fiercely and assertively, the strange dog actually ran away. Girkin had protected me. I sat there a while longer. I remember I was dealing with something sad that day. Do you know that Girkin sat on my lap with his paw resting on my heart the entire time? It was one of the sweetest, most caring gestures I’ve ever known. And it was given to me by a dog.


My friend told me on the day of Girkin’s passing, she walked by a window and saw The Gurr lying on an outdoor sofa, asleep in the sun. She checked on him and realized he was gone. She said he looked content there in his usual spot. That he seemed to be at peace. I like the idea of that. And I like the idea of Girkin being young, happy and healthy. I hope he finds his human souls, wherever he may be. I know that here on earth, his people are nursing broken hearts over his passing. I certainly am.

Top Dog



I have a new favorite dog.


I met Bentley during our recent Scottsdale visit. He’s gorgeous, yes. But that’s not what made him top dog in my book.


That dog won my admiration while playing hide-and-seek with his bone. Here’s how it went down: Bentley brought the bone to my feet and dropped it. His master told me I should go and hide the bone somewhere in the house. I did. Bentley waited, patiently, until I returned to the room and took a seat. Then he headed off to find the bone. Within a super-short period of time, Bentley returned with the bone and dropped it at my feet. Then he picked it up again and went back around the corner to some other room in the house. After a moment or two, Bentley returned and sat at my feet, sans bone. His master then informed me it was my turn to go and find the bone, as Bentley had hidden it for me. What the? I wasn’t as fast as he’d been (super-keen sense of dog-smell and all), but I did find the bone and Bentley looked pleased.


Bentley did a lot of other impressive tricks, and I enjoyed every one. But the hide-and-seek routine – that really won me over. Here’s to you Bentley! Long may you reign!