Fire Season



When Mister and I first moved to Los Angeles, fire season was brief and always in the fall. Cut to a few decades later, and fire season is year-round.


Last Saturday was a sad reminder of this. As Mister and I drove to dinner, we noticed the sky’s smog wasn’t quite what we’re used to. We rounded a corner and could clearly see the smog wasn’t smog at all. It was smoke. And we reckoned it was coming from pretty far out in The Valley. Only later would we learn the fire was burning in Calabasas.


I sent a quick text to my friend Lori, just checking in. She and her family live in Calabasas and while I didn’t want to intrude too much during her weekend, I did want to know if they were okay. Lori responded immediately with a text, letting me know that yes – they were fine. She also included a photo taken from the front of her house. It showed a wall of fire at the end of her street. It was too close for comfort. Literally. I guess prevailing winds and the efforts of firefighters kept Lori’s street safe. Not everyone was so lucky.


I don’t like the fact that we no longer have a fire season, and instead have full-time fire risk. I don’t like it at all. But that’s life. And sometimes life is dangerous, even as it appears beautiful against a setting sun.





Yesterday there were street closures in The Valley for what’s called CicLAvia. When this happens, L.A. streets become wide open for folks on bikes and on foot. Cars are banned  and there’s usually a pretty big turnout. In the past, CicLAvia has taken place on the other side of the hill. This was the first event to cross over into The Valley.


I was out and about, running errands, when I found myself at a red light. About a jillion riders crossed in front of me, making their way to the closed-to-cars streets. I was laughing at some of the garb and managed to grab my camera and snap a pic.


I didn’t head over to Ventura Boulevard, where the thousands of bikers roamed free. But I did battle tremendous traffic, as all those cars had to fit somewhere. And y’all – it wasn’t nearly as pretty as that dude’s hair.

Found Cool



Sometimes in life, Cool eludes. It may be the most desired thing ever, but Cool only shows up when Cool chooses. That can make for some very awkward life moments. Can you say “teenager?”


When I spotted this bit of Cool – in a remote Valley parking lot – it gave me a boost. Cool isn’t completely out of reach. Sometimes it’s just not where we’re looking.


Note to self: look everywhere.