I think I’ve written about my friend Carrie before, and how she’s a tennis judge. She’s worked her way up and down through the years, and is reaping some beautiful benefits.


Wimbledon. This is Carrie’s first time working this, the oldest tennis tournament on the planet, and she’s updating some of us as she goes. I just love getting her updates. They’re so full of her typical enthusiasm and positive attitude, as well as details of her time in the UK. Not only does she share tales of her sightseeing, she also gives insight into the job at hand. I don’t know squat about judging tennis. Carrie brings it to life and helps me feel her experience. That’s fun!


I have to admit, I mostly love thinking about my friend as she gets to do these wonderful things in life. I guess that’s part of cheering people on, and wanting the best for them. Each time I receive an update from Carrie, I start smiling before reading the first words. That’s called joy, friends, and it’s fabulous.


So if your fütbol viewing allows enough time for some tennis, enjoy Wimbledon. And remember this: those judges around the courts are regular folks, just like us. Ain’t that awesome!

My Buddy at the US Open



I think I’ve mentioned my high school buddy, Carrie, and how she devotes part of her already full life to working pro tennis tournaments. She’s been at the US Open for the last week or so, while her husband has kept the home fires burning (and honestly, her kids are probably pulling their weight as well). I don’t know how she does it, and I guess I never will.


Anyhoo, that gal has done gone and gotten a news piece about her US Open adventure. It’s a sweet story and it made me tear up a bit. As I told her, they were happy, happy, joy, joy tears. Watch it, won’t you?


Carrie and I couldn’t be more different. And yet I appreciate her and our differences more than I can say. It just goes to show – variety truly is the spice of life.