Why, Indeed?



Winter is a word we throw about here in L.A. as we might throw about the words grits or firefly. We know these things exist, but they’re not relative to our Los Angeles experience and we’re not likely to encounter the real deal in our day-to-day lives. All the same, we pretend we know what we’re talking about and we even pretend we’re in the midst of an actual winter. (I keep gloves in my purse, just in case my hands get cold.) We wear sweaters (and flip-flops). We order “grits” at trendy restaurants (usually polenta with bacon fat). There are no fireflies here, so anyone claiming to see them in the dark of night should be questioned thoroughly and not allowed to drive.


As for me, one of my winter rituals is the drinking of tea in the evenings. I simply do not do this any other time of year, and for the life of me, I don’t know why. But there you go. Anyhoo, the other night I was at painting class and, as is my wont, I made myself a cup of tea. I always take a moment to read the tea bag tag as I love little quotes. On a good night, they give me something to think about and a smile. This was definitely a good night…



I shared my little tea bag tag with other artists at the studio and we all got big smiles. Why, indeed?

Tea & Philosophy



This bit of wisdom was waiting for me with my cuppa yesterday: “Use soft words and hard arguments.” ~ English Proverb


I’m the type of gal who looks for inspiration around every corner and beneath every stone. I am often rewarded with more than I bargained for. More than once I’ve found myself crying – gratefully – in response to some little grace provided by the Universe. Just when I needed it. The medium of the message varies – radio, books, magazines, conversation, fortune cookies, tea bags – which keeps life interesting. And surprising.


I’m not sure how yesterday’s tea message applies right now, but I’ve got it in the back of my brain – just in case.