I am so tickled, I could just bust my buttons!


Yesterday I was shredding. As in, taking documents and feeding them into the shredder. Sounds simple, I know. But when you factor in the fact that I had 2 gi-normous paper grocery sacks full of documents, well, let’s just say it took me a long danged time.


Honestly – the bags weighed a ton, and moving them near the shredder was no easy feat. But I was determined, you see. So I hoisted those babies and planted myself on the floor near the shredder.


Chores and tasks are interesting. A lot of the time, they’re pains in the ass. But when we decide to accomplish something, it’s a whole different ball game. Suddenly a dreaded task is an exciting opportunity.


Okay. I know I’m overselling here. No one sees a metric ton of personal documents and says, “Woo-hoo! Look what I get to do! I get to shred for hours!” And that’s not my point. My point is this: getting shit done is awesome.


So forgive me for feeling fan-friggin-tastic about checking something off my to-do list. Seriously. I shredded that shredding. Word.

Friends Make All The Difference




I went to Costco yesterday while out and about and I realized something: when I go there by myself, it’s merely a task.


I came to this understanding as I hurried down an aisle, searching for a particular item and not finding it. That happens, so I wasn’t frustrated. But I also wasn’t having fun. And that struck me as odd. It seems like my most recent Costco trips have been a hoot. So why was this one different?


I was alone. My super-fun, Rock Camp buddies (and neighbors) weren’t with me. If they had been, something like this would have happened…



Or this…



Those gals are the best. And as much as I love Costco (and I do, oh, I do), it just isn’t the same without my friends. I’m glad I know this.

Monday, Monday



There have been times in my life when any given Monday was my least favorite day of the week. Coming down off the weekend was depressing and the energy-drop felt like an inescapable dark cloud.


But that was then. These days, I relish an ordinary Monday. Take this past weekend, for example. Concert on Friday. Gallery opening on Saturday. Afternoon chick party and evening Beer Clug on Sunday. Yow-za! And please know this: all these things were awesome, in and of themselves. It just added up to a lot of commitments and doing.


Maybe it’s age. Honestly, I don’t care what the reason may be. I just know I appreciate the quiet predictability of Mondays. The chores, the tasks, all of it. Beautiful!


Here’s to Mondays, y’all!