Surprises From Friends



A couple of days ago, my buddies Baker Jen and Betro brought lunch to me while I was trapped at the homestead. It was such a pleasant surprise and I appreciated it so much.


And then yesterday I finally got to leave the house during the day (as the fireplace dude didn’t come by) and I stopped by my snail mail counter. There was a package from England waiting for me! And inside? An awesome t-shirt from the dude who writes the fabulous Drunken Bunny blog about pubs in England and running and traveling and life. I’ve known this dude since we were kids and following his blog is pure entertainment. We have, of course, grown up (sort of) and now lead very different lives. That’s as it should be. But I won’t lie to you – receiving this birthday present from the UK made me super smiley.


I really love the shirt. (Thanks, dude!) And I’ll probably cut it up, as I’m known to do. Can’t wait to work it into my regular rotation. Woo-hoo!