78 Degrees – And Counting



Yesterday I thought I’d check the old pool shark, just to see what temperature the water has reached. It’s been hovering around 72 F of late, and I expected it to be somewhere in that neighborhood. As we don’t have a pool heater, we count on the sun to get the water warm enough to not kill us. And Mister remembers us jumping in last Memorial Day, so the water must have gotten somewhere near 80 F, or I never would have done that. (I’m a wuss when it comes to cold pools.) But I digress.


So I checked the pool shark and I could hardly believe my eyes: 78 F! But believe it, I did, as pool sharks don’t lie. Memorial Day is just around the corner. I’m sensing a splash.

Scratch That



I thought last weekend, being the true final weekend of summer, was the end of pool time. Well scratch that.


See – when I think I understand the weather, it goes and flips things around and stymies me to no end. Take this week, for example. Here we are, a few days into autumn, and Los Angeles has hit mid-90s temperatures all week. Not only that, but it isn’t cooling down much at night. That, friends, makes for a mighty inviting pool.


So Mister and I are indulging ourselves – getting in a last blast of float time. Even with The Crud, I’ve taken to the waters to help me feel a little less fever-y. That cool pool is doing the trick. And it’s almost October, for cry-eye. That weather is such a show-off.

Duck Time!



So this little fella was hanging out by the pool the other day. I didn’t hear him hit the water, but he must have flown in as there’s no duck gate or anything. He stuck around for about 45 minutes or so, then took off.


I guess it’s that time of year or something. Then again, I don’t really know how this whole ducks-in-the-pool thing works. I mean, does everyone with a pool have duck visitors? Or is it just because there are no cats or dogs in our backyard? Hmm…




Today is the first day of Autumn. Before I look forward, I want to look back.


I think Mister and I really took advantage of Summer this year. We were in that pool every chance we got, and that’s saying something as we don’t have a pool heater and the water can be a wee bit chilly, y’all. We grew tomatoes and basil to the best of our abilities and ate them beyond our abilities. (The tomatoes are long-gone but the basil lives on in a ton of pesto.) We hit a couple of open-air venues for shows, and in L.A. those are some of the loveliest outings available. We spent exactly one whole day at the beach, and though that may induce eye-rolling since we live on the Pacific edge of land, it’s one day more than we spent by the sea last year. So there. We walked through our neighborhood on July 4th – along with a few hundred other neighbors – and enjoyed fireworks as part of the community. There was also plenty of drinking, eating and socializing this Summer. Of course, those things seem to happen every Summer.


We also had a serious A/C outing this past Summer, and I did not appreciate that one bit. But during that heat wave, I got up each morning and opened the front door wide in hopes of getting some cool morning air into the house (and hot, stagnant air out). With the front door open, I sat with my coffee and witnessed the world in its waking. Each morning was quiet and, though I was watching the whole world (or as much of it as my aging eyes could see), personal. Those mornings were still and calm. And they helped.


It will be hot in L.A. for a while, if only intermittently. And I may find myself taking a few more dips in that pool. But make no mistake – Autumn is here. Her light is different. Her food is different. Her social patterns – different. And I welcome her with open arms. If I’m caught looking back over my shoulder on all that was Summer, it won’t mean I don’t appreciate what lies before me.


Autumn. I’m ready.