And Then That Happened…



What a weekend! Mister’s mama and daddy came into town to watch the Super Bowl, to celebrate Mister’s mama’s birthday and to hang out in the beautiful SoCal weather.


After arriving Friday afternoon, we all had a stay-at-home dinner on Friday night. It was relaxing and it was comfortable and sometimes you just need to sit around in your jammies and catch up. I’d have to say that was accomplished.


On Saturday, Mister had planned a surprise activity for his folks: making Polish sausage. Mister and I had done this a few years back and the experiment had been a lovely success. As the recipe comes from Mister’s daddy’s mama, it was only fitting to include him (and Mister’s mama) in the scene and as they had never made sausage from scratch, I think it was a unique experience for them. And when we were all finished, there was the bonus of having that sausage. To eat. Which we did.



On Saturday night, the 4 of us went to Holly-weird for a 2+ pound butt steak. (It was actually a ribeye, but butt steak is more fun to say.) I’m not kidding. We shared a 36-ounce steak! And it was beautiful. Thankfully it was also delicious. And as the restaurant had only one of those big boys in the house, it was a treat to have nabbed it. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t even consider such a dish. But it was Mister’s mama’s birthday (on Sunday), so it seemed appropriate to go all out and live a little. I mean a lot. Personally, I was glad to have worn stretchy pants.



And then there was Sunday. The big dance. The Super Bowl. Let me start by saying what a treat it was for Mister and for his daddy to be able to watch the game together. They regularly call each other during and after Broncos games and they keep up with the team. But they don’t get to watch together, so this really was a special treat.


Let me also say that Mister’s mama’s actual birthday was Sunday, but she knew where the focus would lie and so graciously agreed to celebrate the night before. It was a classy move and it was sweet.


Now. Not only did the Broncos win (woo-hoo!), we also ate an assortment of good food throughout the day, so that by the time Sunday evening arrived, we were all too pooped to pop. Well, that and we had been expending ridiculous amounts of psychic energy, trying to do our parts for the team. That’s how fans do, after all.


It was only a weekend, but it was one of those weekends that will stand out as having been special. One you know you won’t get again. Those are rare and they’re a gift. I’m glad I got to be a part of it. And that I have the memories.


Sometimes life is right on.

Jolly Good Show



I am in recovery mode today. Recovering from copious amounts of food. Recovering from laughter. Recovering from sending my most excellent vibes to the Denver Broncos. And what joy! They won the Super Bowl!


So today I’ll tidy from yesterday’s jolly good show, get to some work that slipped by me over the weekend and maybe go on a salad binge. Chicken wings are good and all, but a gal needs some fiber, yo. And carrots don’t count.


I’ll catch you up tomorrow, on all the fab moments from the weekend. Sure do hope yours was grand. I can’t even believe how much I enjoyed mine.

Oh, It’s On



It’s Super Bowl Sunday, friends. And it’s on. Oh, it’s on.


The chicken wings are staged and ready to go. The rest of the food is on standby (and clearly not nearly important enough to identify by name, unlike the wings). Comfy seats are aimed toward the telly and I’m super-excited!


Add in the fact that we get to watch the Broncs with adored family and, well, you can’t beat that with a stick.


Here’s hoping your Sunday is as awesome as can be. For reals.

Football Food



I don’t know about you, but I’m gearing up for tomorrow’s sports-ball dance. And for me, that means lining up an array of eye and palate pleasing eats. I’m sure not one thing on my plate will be healthy, but I can deal with that. The Super Bowl comes but once a year, and if ever there was a day that called for chicken wings, this is it!

There’s More to This Day Than Football…



As most of America (and the world) may know, there’s a big-ass football game going down today. (I’ll be wearing blue and orange, by the way.) But there’s more to this day than football, y’all.


It’s Groundhog Day! And I learned more than I bargained for when I read this post over at The Pioneer Woman’s site. You’re welcome, by the way.


But seriously, no matter how you may be spending this first Sunday in February, I wish you well. And I wish you chicken wings. And dip. And libations.


And an early Spring. You deserve it. For reals.

National Appetizer Day



Today is National Appetizer Day, America! It’s also Super Bowl week. Put those two things together and suddenly I’m wanting some chicken wings!


If you’re thinking you might want some chicken wings today (or this weekend), here’s the link to my Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings. Personally, I’ll be making these crazy good wings this Sunday.


As for National Appetizer Day, I could go for some wings right now! And no, it doesn’t matter what time of day you’re reading this. Any time is wing time!