The Day Before



Today is the day before Halloween. That may mean a bunch of nothing to most folks, unless they’re desperately trying to scrounge together a costume for a kid, or hoping to score some last-minute candy for tomorrow night’s trick-or-treat-ers. I fall into the category of “bunch of nothing” on this one. No prep work for tomorrow, no candy to buy. For me, it’s just Sunday. Honestly – I’m fairly thrilled about that.


As Mister and I were at a party last night, today is chill and recovery time. We’ll have some chicken-pesto chili simmering in the crock-pot most of the day (tonight’s dinner). And we may work in the garage a bit. Maybe catch up on some telly later. Maybe not. That’s kind of the beauty of today.


At least I hope so. There is always work to be done. Always chores and tasks to be tackled. I hope our day is lovely and paced. I hope we enjoy the day as well as accomplish a few things. I hope the aroma of dinner tempts us and makes us smile for hours. I’d say all that will add up to a lovely Sunday. Fingers crossed.


Here’s hoping your Sunday is lovely, too.

The Laughs Are On Me



Today, because it’s Sunday, and because laughter is sorely needed, I’m giving you the above photo. I actually saw this at the hardware store. For reals.


And no, I didn’t buy it. Yet…