I Dorked Out, So You Don’t Have To



After seeing the new “Star Wars” film a few days ago, Mister snapped the above pic of me and R2-D2 at the historic Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. I was not at all embarrassed to pose for the photo. I was a little uncomfortable with how long I had to hold the pose, however, as Mister is not the fastest draw when it comes to phone cameras. But we gets what we gets, and I got him.


Anyhoo – this is exactly the sort of dorky thing Mister and I do from time to time. It makes us giggle, so it counts. And though I don’t know diddly-squat about life, friends, I do know that laughter goes a long way. I highly recommend it.

‘Twas The Day After Christmas…



It’s Boxing Day. A few gifts have been opened and I’ve now seen the new Star Wars movie (fab-o). I’ve eaten Christmas steak, participated in Christmas debauchery and am ready for a post-Christmas rest. But only briefly, as life marches on and I love a good parade! Wouldn’t want to miss anything.


Actually, as the year’s end approaches, I am experiencing my usual feelings. There’s a bit of processing going on and the occasional tear falls. I am an emotional cuss, I know. But I happen to like me, so I think I’ll keep me around for a while.


When you think about it, coming out of such a charged holiday with one’s self-worth intact is fairly remarkable. I know it doesn’t always turn out this way – not for me, nor for many others. So this year feels danged good. So far…


Let’s all try to love ourselves for the next week, shall we? Honestly – doesn’t that sound more appealing than using our own souls for punching bags? I’ve been on the receiving end of my psychological left hook and it ain’t pretty. For the short remainder of the year, I think I’ll hang up my boxing gloves and give me a break. I really mean this when I say it: I deserve it.


And so do you.

May the 4th Be With You



Today is Star Wars day. I know. I can hardly believe it either. And yes – I do own a Lightsaber. Jealous?


I got to thinking about Star Wars and how it changed the world. Then my brain-hole popped out of macro mode and into micro. And I remembered being a kid and going to see the movie in Griffin, GA. Unlike a lot of kids, I didn’t see it a million-billion-god-zillion times. I only saw it once. And once was enough to have an impact.


I know someone my age who’s never seen Star Wars. He says that at this point, he’s holding out so that there will be something to put on his headstone. “Don the Juan – He never saw Star Wars.” Beats a lot of other things I’ve seen on headstones.


Anyhoo – I for one am grateful Star Wars is a part of this world. I love the creativity. I love the good, solid story. In short, I love the movie. So today I plan to take a moment and appreciate Mr. Lucas and what he’s given us. And May the Force Be With You. May it be with us all.