Wrong Month



This is a June Bug that Mister saw and rescued from the pool. The little guy is actually a nice size – about an inch in length. His iridescence is lovely and I almost can’t stand how gorgeous he is.


When I was a kid, we would try to catch June Bugs. When we did, which wasn’t always, we’d tie a thread to one of the poor critter’s legs and hold the end of the thread while the tethered bug flew round and round. It never occurred to us that our pastime was cruel to the June Bugs, I admit. To our credit, once we’d bored of that activity (or the poor bug’s leg broke off), we would set the bug free. We simply weren’t kids who smushed bugs.


I don’t know why southern folks called these little guys June Bugs. And to be clear, the ones I grew up with were slightly less green than the variety shown above. If I’m being proper (why start now?), I have to tell you the specimen in the photo is actually a Fig Beetle, which is what we have here in California. But to me, he’s a June Bug. Even if it is August.


When I visited an equestrian event during the recent Special Olympics, I experienced a June Bug incident. I was sitting in the stands, watching the riders in the ring. Suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned to see a lady wearing a shirt that read “Argentina.” She said, “Be still. There’s a bug about to crawl on you.” She began swatting near my assular region, and I looked over my shoulder. I saw a beautiful, large June Bug by my bum. The woman was quite concerned as I said, “Oh! That’s just a June Bug. He’s harmless. They like me. See?” At that, the June Bug crawled up my arm, and made himself comfortable. The Argentinian lady was not calmed, however, so I stood up, climbed a few steps to the open air outside the Equidome and sent the June Bug flying. Finally – the lady from afar seemed content. We both settled in and watched the event. But I have to tell you – I don’t think that lady was actually afraid of the June Bug. As I remember it, even after that little beetle was happily crawling up my arm, that lady was still swiping at my derriere. Maybe that’s how ladies meet ladies in Argentina. I guess I’ll never know.

Special Olympics



“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

Special Olympics Athlete Oath



This past week saw the Special Olympics 2015 World Games throughout Los Angeles. And it was fab.


Mister and I watched daily coverage of the Games, and I have more complaints about that than I can list here. (Hey ESPN – in devoting only one half hour of coverage per day, how did you decide to spend half of that time focusing on the two commentators, instead of on the athletes and events? I mean – the commentators were clearly the story, right? Shame on you, ESPN. Shame on you.) But we takes what we can gets, right? And each day’s half hour of airtime did yield about 10 minutes of actual coverage.



Anyhoo – I was lucky enough to get to one venue: L.A.’s Equestrian Center for Dressage or Equestrian Events. The venue is lovely. And who doesn’t love ponies?


The events themselves were so sweet and fun. I loved being in the stands with French delegates on one side of me and United Arab Emirates delegates on the other. For that short amount of time, the world was small and all around me.



On the day I was there, the athletes were still getting used to the horses. As I understand it, each athlete was paired with a horse according to her or his ability, size and event. The getting-to-know-you period was rather important, as the athletes needed to trust these animals during competition. And I suppose the animals needed to trust the athletes, too. We did see an Italian rider thrown from her horse, and that was a frightening few minutes. Thankfully, the Italian rider was okay and all of us in the stands gave a collective sigh of relief. An American athlete was paired with one of the most amazing horses I’ve ever seen. The photo fails to give it justice, but believe me when I tell you this horse made me think of some sort of Norse-Horse-God! It was stunning!



I’m so glad I attended an event. My heart was full and I managed to hold on to the beauty I experienced for a few days. And I think the timing of this year’s Special Olympics was perfect for me. I needed to get outside myself, and the Games gave me that gift. I was moved and inspired. And in the end, I think my heart – like The Grinch’s – grew 3 sizes. What a lucky gal I am.

You Get What You Need



L.A. can be hard. She teases and she tortures. She promises and she robs. She doesn’t always see your worth, and she sure as hell doesn’t always give you what you want.



But every now and then, in spite of herself, L.A. gives you what you need. And so it was the other day, as Mister and I strolled around a part of the city not everyone gets to see: DreamWorks Animation studio. We were there, writing welcome letters to athletes participating in the upcoming Special Olympics Games. After we’d dropped off our letters, we strolled around the grounds and got ourselves an eyeful of nature. It really was beautiful and I felt wonderfully calm after our walk. Nature will do that to you.



Living in Los Angeles, I don’t always get what I want. But more often than not, I do get what I need. This week’s dose of nature fit that bill perfectly.