I may be getting Mister’s summer cold. It would work out this way, now that he’s coming out of it.


Have you ever noticed how each of us has our own way of being ill? I’m not talking about dread diseases here. That’s something else entirely. I’m talking about the stupid germs that seem to be floating around all the danged time. Such as the common cold virus. When Mister gets something, his head is clogged. I know this because I witness what he goes through, constantly struggling to breathe and clear his sinuses. I don’t know what sorts of discomfort he endures, as I’m not him. He doesn’t appear to be too happy when he’s ill. I can tell you that. And I feel for the guy during those bouts.


But that’s Mister. When those same pesky germs invade my personal space, they tend to go straight to my throat. A tell-tale tickle announces itself and I can usually count on actual pain to arrive in a matter of hours. If I do experience clogged sinuses, that tends to arrive as my body starts winning the battle with the germs. That part annoys me, sure, but at least it isn’t painful. The throat stuff? Not cool, man. Not cool.


So as I type this, I’m doting on my throat, trying to ward off whatever is leading me to believe I’m about to succumb to illness. And dang it – it’s just not working.


I think you know I blame Mister for this. Entirely. But then, he blames a co-worker for being the outbreak dude and getting him sick in the first place. Fair enough.