Penny For Your Thoughts




The other morning, I woke to find Mister looking up at the ceiling. Actually, he was dreamily gazing toward the ceiling, with a slight smile on his sleepy face. He looked so happily hazy. I wondered if he was thinking of a sandy beach, or a divine meal. I tried to climb inside his head, to understand what thoughts were producing that peaceful, smiley face. I finally gave up trying to read his mind and just asked.


He said he was wondering what the highest possible Qwirkle score could be on a single play, and whether or not one could achieve that amazing score more than once per game.


What. A. Dork.

It’s a Wonderful Life



I don’t know how you’ll be spending this last day of the year. I hope that if you look over your shoulder, you’ll see more smiles than sorrow. I also hope you won’t have to go to the extremes of George Bailey and Clarence the Angel (Second Class) in order to find your gratitude for simply being alive.


You matter. Your life matters. The world wouldn’t be nearly so sweet without you in it. It really is a wonderful life.


Cheers to you and yours.