The New American Dream



I spotted this rig the other day and was led down the road of wondering. Just what is the new American dream?


I think it used to be owning a plot of land and raising a family. Being able to pay the bills, with enough food to eat and a little spending money in one’s pocket. Friends over for a barbeque once in a while. Maybe take the fam out for some bowling now and then. A color TV. You know – the basics.


Is that still the American dream? Or has it changed so much as to be something else entirely?


As I haven’t gone out and polled anyone, I have only my own thoughts to consider on this one. And I’ll be honest with you – navigating middle-life finds me sorting through way more questions than answers. So I don’t know if I’m able to define the American dream for myself, least of all for anyone else.


Maybe the rig has it right. Maybe the new American dream is shaping up. Maybe it is gutsy, disciplined. And maybe if I can somehow figure out what it means for me, that will be more than enough.