Still A Little Off



I’m still a little off, after the death of Robin Williams. I feel a bit crazy, being this affected, but I am. And I’m not the only one. I keep running into people who are just as off-kilter as I. And not one of us ever met the guy.


I have openly declared my love for television. It started in childhood and continues to this day. I’m thinking it was my devotion to “Mork & Mindy” that garnered a spot in my heart for Mr. Williams. As his residency there has lasted most of my life, I’m struggling right now, as a fan. I keep remembering the end of each “Mork & Mindy” episode, as Mork told Orson about whatever life lesson he’d learned. Through his telling, I learned, too. And with his weekly sign-off, “Nanu nanu,” I felt as if I’d experienced growth. I was only a child, but still.


I don’t know why the loss of some celebrities/actors/well-known folks is greater than others. Do we somehow convince ourselves these people are our friends? Do we believe we actually know them on some level?


Maybe my own age is playing a part here. Maybe being closer to the end than the beginning of my life story is triggering emotion. I’m not sure. And honestly, I’ve got too much living to do – today – to spend time trying to figure it out.


I’ll leave you with this… In my heartbroken state over Mr. Williams, I came across a gentleman’s self-penned obituary. It made me laugh. And it even brought a few tears to my eyes. Life is truly all-too-short. And sometimes, it’s pretty danged funny.

Nanu Nanu



For those of us who grew up watching “Mork & Mindy”… For those of us who actually owned rainbow-striped suspenders… For those of us who went to see Disney’s “Aladdin”, even though we weren’t kids (nor did we have any)… For those of us who were profoundly affected by “Dead Poets Society” and “Good Will Hunting”… For those of us who just like to freakin’ laugh…


I’m not gonna lie, y’all. I was in my car when I learned of Robin Williams’ death and I cried. He was only 63. Kids may think that’s old, but those of us with actual living under our belts know it’s young.


I understand depression and I understand demons. I will never ever judge anyone for battling either of those ills. But it still breaks my heart when we lose someone to that struggle. And to lose someone I’ve relied on for laughter and entertainment, for so very long – well, I am stunned.


But it occurs to me that if Robin Williams had never decided to give comedy a try, I wouldn’t miss him. I would never have known there was someone to miss. But he did go for it. And how! So I’m incredibly grateful that wonderfully wacky guy landed in my living room and challenged The Fonz on “Happy Days.” I’m grateful he and Pam Dawber made me want to go to Boulder, Colorado and see that cute town through their work on “Mork & Mindy.” And after all these years and a jillion roles, I’m grateful Robin Williams stuck around as long as he did and gave the world so much of his soul.


He will be missed.