I feel for all of you who are under the heavy thumb of ugly winter weather. And I send you prayers.


I also hate to tell you how fantastic our weather is, here in Los Angeles. I’ve got the doors open to let in the warmth and it is bee-you-tee-full! It is just one of our So-Cal blessings.


What are some of your blessings, where you live? Come on, now, we all have blessings!

Hiking The Beast



I haven’t hiked in a long time. I’m not happy about this.


But as it’s Mister’s birthday weekend, and he requested a hike of The Beast, well, I guess that’s what I’ll be doing today. God help me.


For the record, Mister hasn’t hiked since before my last outing. But he’s a boy.


What-evs. I will hike The Beast today. And I will survive. No, I’ll do more than survive. I’ll thrive!


If I tell myself that enough, it will come to pass, right?


Prayers gratefully accepted, y’all…