“So You Think You Can Dance” is in full-swing. I’m hooked on this show and have been since the first time I saw it.


The thing about these dancers is this: they can dance, y’all. The gals and guys competing to be “America’s Favorite Dancer” are super-talented and such magnetic performers. The show itself presents a positive face and I always feel good after watching it. I flippin’ love it!


I’m sure I’ve posted about this show before. I just want you to watch it, dang it! It’s such a fun high, and I look forward to it each summer.


For the record, I know I can’t dance. I just love, love, love that others can. 5, 6, 7, 8…

A Lot to Learn



Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of folks who are less-than-admirable. I’ve not enjoyed it, not one bit. I never thought I’d say this, but they’ve left me feeling a connection to Pope Celestine V: I completely understand the desire to withdraw from this crazy life and retreat to a cave. That isn’t really an option for me, however, and it didn’t work out so well for Celestine, either. The Pope who replaced him – Boniface VIII – worried that followers would seek out Celestine and turn to him for guidance, ignoring the new Pope in town. So Boniface had Celestine removed from his simple life and placed under arrest in a castle, where Celestine died shortly thereafter. The guy couldn’t even retire in peace.


Anyhoo, two days ago, I actually broke down. Mister witnessed it and did everything he could to come to my rescue. I didn’t even know I was the type to need rescuing. I’ve got a lot to learn.


At the end of that trying day, Mister sat me down and said we need to tread carefully here. Ugly people (as in people who behave in an ugly manner) are thick. They attach themselves to one’s skin and they’re difficult to scrape off. Mister went on to say that just because ugly people are orbiting in our atmosphere right now, we needn’t succumb to their transmissions. We do not have to bend to their low levels of existence. He reminded me that giving in to the ugly people can turn a person’s soul into the very darkness we wish to rid from our lives. And he was right.


So yesterday I began to focus on the beautiful people who’ve brightened my life lately:


Home Inspector Jim – That guy is so awesome, I wish I could hire him for every task imaginable. I trust him that much, and if he were qualified (and willing), I’d ask him to redesign my kitchen, alter my clothes and do my grocery shopping. Alas, he’s a lot of skilled things, but certain talents are not listed on his resume. Yet.


Our landlord at the hotel – We’ve never actually met Joel, as he lives in Northern California. But it doesn’t matter. He’s been so kind to us and continues to exude a giving spirit, even from afar. Honestly, I keep asking Mister why Joel is so nice. I may never get an answer.


Mister – It’s hard for me to share my feelings about this guy. He’s been teaching me about life for such a long while now, and I see no signs of class ending any time soon. I’m tearing up, just thinking about him. Mister reminds me to try and touch base with myself. He reminds me that no matter how cloudy the world may be, I have an endless supply of sunshine inside. He does have to coax me to learn from time to time. And so far, he hasn’t given up on me. I suppose that’s the most amazing part of all. He still comes home – to me.


I know I’ve listed only three souls, but they are three notable souls. And for each of them, there are countless other wonderful people walking this earth, making a positive difference. They deserve my focus. They deserve my gratitude.


So I’m getting back on track, paying attention to the good, to the decent. I feel better already. And honestly, I don’t know how I got so off-track in the first place. But I did, so there you go.


I’ve got a lot to learn.