D-Squared T-Squared – Week 23



Hole-y doughnuts! That took long enough.


But here she is! Ain’t she a peach? Literally? I mean, she’s a painting of a peach. And she makes Mister giggle each time he looks at her.


Another example of outdoor art, “Georgia! Come for the Peaches, Stay for the Kudzu, Y’all!” is a companion piece to “Meet Me In St. Screwy, Louis!” They hang on the same patio and we’d like to do a few more. We’ve lived in a few other places, so we’ll see what we can come up with. This one is done on yard-sale-find wood and sealed to the max with a flat varnish formulated specifically for outdoor paintings. It’s a process, folks. That’s part of why it took us so danged long to finish it. That’s also why we’ll ruminate for some time over what to paint next, before starting another piece of outdoor art.


In the meantime, we’re super-keen on this little gal. And for those who don’t know, kudzu is an incredibly invasive plant that thrives in the American South. People talk about it growing fast enough to wrap around a cow’s legs while it grazes. I’m not saying that’s true, but I’m not saying it ain’t, either. Word.

D-Squared T-Squared – Week 21



Remember when I shared the above photo? It was a D2T2 project and it’s outdoor art. This last week’s project is a companion piece, and that danged thang is taking a little longer to complete than I’d hoped.


Painting can be slow, I know. But painting with latex is super fast. However! I made a few mistakes that needed to be painted over, and with schedules and all, this one is stretching into a 2-week project.


So even though we didn’t complete a project this week, we are actively working on it! I’m feeling positive about it all and will surely be sharing a new piece of outdoor art next week. Fingers crossed…

D-Squared T-Squared – Week 6



I’m playing catch-up with my Drunk Dial Think Tank postings, but rest assured – Mister and I are keeping up. So far. And it’s completely due to him that we’re on track. So far. I’m just sayin’.


Anyhoo, the above photo is the completed project from week 4′s effort. Outdoor art! It’s art, and you hang it outdoors! Get it?


For serious though, we both worked on this one from conception through to the very end. And lest ye think we banged it out without incident, I’m here to tell you that no – we did not. The water was a super be-yotch and had to be tweaked to the moon and back. In the beginning, Mister said it looked like dolphins. And dang it, he was right. So we took another go at it and decided we’d gotten to a point where we could live with it. We had to mega-seal it, too, as it’s exposed to the elements. And even so, it will die at some point. All things do.


The saying is a play on the old song, “Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis.” We began saying “St. Screwy” after hearing our buddy Jack Daniels say it about a jillion times. Put it all together and presto-bango! You’ve got yourself some outdoor art.


I’m super happy with this project. I really enjoyed the process of painting with Mister. I just enjoy painting – period. And now we’ve got a lovely piece of art, just outside our kitchen door. D-Squared T-Squared rules!

D-Squared T-Squared – Week 4



This past weekend, Mister and I began our Drunk Dial Think Tank Week 4 project: outdoor art.


I’ve wanted paintings to hang outside for yonks. I mean, why not decorate the outdoor walls with art? Aren’t we missing a golden opportunity to jazz up our exterior spaces?


Quite a while ago, I found some odd wooden pieces at a yard sale. They were junk, really, so I got a load of them for $10. The idea was to use them in outdoor painting projects. When week 4′s challenge rolled around, I pulled out one of the wooden pieces and Mister and I set to work.


Don’t hate me for not sharing the finished piece just yet. It isn’t finished, y’all, and therefore isn’t share-able. But it’s close! Mighty close, in fact. And I promise to snap a pic as soon as it’s gracing our outdoor living space.


In the meantime, I’m off to cut out a stencil for this project. Drunk Dial Think Tank lives!