Housework Philosophy



Yesterday found me catching up on ironing. I’ve written of this chore before, and how I tend to let it pile up until there’s just no choice. True to my historic form, the pile I faced yesterday took several hours to conquer.


To pass the time, I watched a few episodes of “Northern Exposure,” the early ’90s television show. When I turn to those DVDs, I usually only watch an episode at a time. So I had no idea there would be a running theme through various episodes. But there was. And that theme seemed to circle around being alive and actually living one’s life.


Now, I realize my standing in one place for hours on end may not resemble “living one’s life,” but the message wasn’t lost on me. In fact, I felt pretty fantastic. I got the ironing done and I got to philosophize while doing so. In the end, I recognized my own happiness. That’s not too shabby, folks. Not too shabby at all.


It’s a busy week for most of us, I know. Let’s try to remember – as we run around like crazy – to think about our lives a little. Let’s try to be grateful for the privilege of running around like crazy. In fact, let’s just try to be grateful, shall we?


Personally, I’m grateful for a lot of things. Like a closet filled with freshly pressed shirts.




My name is Mikki and I’m a television junkie.


Hello, Mikki.


But here’s the thing: I’ve never seen a single episode of The Real Housewives of anywhere. I’ve never seen Survivor. I don’t watch many of the most popular shows. I’m not a TV snob (or maybe I am!), I just like what I like. And it all began with TV being my baby-sitter as a child. But that’s another post. Or a therapy session…


Anyhoo, now that it’s September, we’re about to get a mega-dose of fall line-up shows and I am super-excited! Yes, I’m looking forward to Modern Family and The New Girl. But I also look forward to 60 Minutes. And SNL! And Law & Order: SVU! I’m really buzzing now!


But I digress. The above photo was taken in Roslyn, Washington. That’s where most exterior shots were filmed for Northern Exposure. And Northern Exposure is one of my favorite shows of all time. I still want to live there – in the show, I mean. I still want to know (most of) those characters.


And that’s the power of successful telly, isn’t it? Making us laugh, making us care. Making us feel some sort of connection. That’s why I’m a TV junkie. And that’s why I’ll always own that addiction.


I hope I remember to share that last part at my group meeting. Could be helpful.