Sorry We’re So Sorry


Historic Chinese Theatre - View From the Owners Box


Sorry to hit you with this on a Friday. I’m sorry to hit you with it any time, really. It’s that pitiful. It is also that important.


The other night I attended a documentary screening. (It was powerful, lovely, and it’s called “Hale County This Morning, This Evening” and I’ll be thinking about it for some time.) Before the feature documentary was shown, a documentary short appeared on the screen. It was all of seven minutes and it left a full theatre silently stunned.


A Night at the Garden” is terrifying, heartbreaking, ominous. Unfortunately, it is also real. And I think it should be seen. That’s why I’ve given you the link to its site, where the short can be viewed in its entirety. It is only seven minutes – promise.


Like I said, I’m sorry to hit you with this. I’m also sorry we’re so sorry. We are, you know. And I’m afraid that owning it is the only way we’re likely to become better. Dear god – may my hope not be in vain.

Goes to Show You Never Can Tell



I recently saw/read a BBC News report about a WWII MI5 spy. (It’s pretty short – watch it here. A link at the bottom of that page leads to a slightly longer written piece.) It tells a bit about a bank clerk and his secret life.


Ain’t that just the way? We tend to think of a spy as being some Hollywood-type, with a chiseled jaw (if male), or legs that go on forever (if female). Having just typed that, I know I’ve never once considered a mixture of those 2 as spy material. But now I can’t get the idea of a drag queen-spy out of my mind. Thanks a lot, brain.


Anyhoo, this little piece (referenced above) throws James Bond out the window and intimates how effective a regular joe can be. I guess it goes to show you never can tell. I mean – who better than a run-of-the-mill bank clerk to infiltrate a Nazi-sympathizer ring and expose valuable war secrets? Who better, indeed.