Feeling Like a Dummy



I think the heat has had some sort of cumulative effect on me, as each afternoon finds me longing for a nap. I haven’t actually given in to the yearning, but I do yearn, just the same.


My schedule is off this week, because of Rosh Hashanah. It’s not that big of a deal, but I admit I am a sucker for routine. Stirring it up, while perfectly acceptable, throws me for a bit of a loop. That uncertainty isn’t mixing well with my desire for extra sleep.


And then there’s the very real possibility that I’m simply experiencing certain signs of age. That’s no big deal, either, but it is an odd sensation. My brain isn’t quite the way I expect it to be. My physicality isn’t, either. And don’t get me started on feeling loopy. Not in a druggy way or anything, but in a wasn’t-I-supposed-to-be-doing-something kind of way. It’s unsettling, I tell ya.


I don’t know why I’m sharing all this. Maybe I just need to acknowledge where I’m at. How I am. Maybe I’m hoping someone out there will have advice or at least be able to tell me I’m not completely bonkers.


Then again, maybe I am bonkers. Maybe I won’t even remember having written this. Maybe I’ll just give in and take a damned nap.

Wow! What a Day! – Part 1 of 3



Mister and I had occasion to spend a day last week at Venice Beach. (I’ll go into the reasons and those details in my next few posts.) The day was a hot one, and though the Pacific Ocean looked mighty inviting, we know just how cold that water is and, well, how dirty it is, too. So we admired its coolness from a distance and walked around the area for a few hours.


We passed by a bit of graffiti that was too personal to ignore…



We saw the canals of Venice, which look nothing like the canals of Venezia, but are still pretty danged awesome…



We also walked the Boardwalk for a few miles and I have to admit, I definitely slipped into freak-overload there. I usually enjoy the people-watching at the beach. For some reason, this trip just got to be too much. I blame the heat, as it was in the high 90′s – at the beach! That’s unheard of, y’all. So when Mister and I had hit the beach wall, I suggested we head back to our car and take a bit of a nap before our local evening commitment. I love that guy for about a jillion reasons, and his agreeing to a car nap was at the top of the list that day, I tell ya.



So after our evening commitments and a long, long day (again – I’ll tell all in the next couple of posts), it was time to head home.


I snapped one last pic of Venice Beach and we aimed toward sleep. On the way home, all I could say was, “Wow! What a day!” It surely, surely was.



The Day After



This was our table yesterday. It was set to make our guests feel welcomed, to feel important. To feast until we dropped.


Our table doesn’t look anything like this today. Today it is, gratefully, clean. It is also empty, save for a few leftover flowers and itty-bitty pumpkins. But the memories remain. And that’s good.


I will not be “Black Friday” shopping today. Each and every year it is my goal to avoid shopping for the entire weekend, if at all possible. I know that’s not how ever’body do. I know some of you absolutely live for getting up at the booty-crack of dawn and hitting sale after sale after sale. Hey – it ain’t my thang but I’m okay with it being yours.


I may see a movie today. Then again, I may not. I do sense a stuffing ball in my near future. And a nap. Maybe it should be called Good Friday. Those things sound pretty darned good to me.




I don’t take a lot of naps. I take naps, sure, but not on a regular basis. And that’s a shame.


I love a good nap. Not too long and not too brief. I love the revitalizing effect. I love the sheer frivolity of it. I mean really – a nap! In the middle of the day!


In the summer, I love a good golf nap. For those who don’t know, a golf nap is what one enjoys while watching golf on the old telly. There’s something so soothing about the announcers’ voices. And because a round of golf takes quite a while, one can usually watch a little golf, take a little nap, wake and watch some more golf. It’s one of my favorite napping routines.


But there is no golf right now, and I’m not one for re-watching old matches. So I guess I’ll just have to forgo the routine and come up with a new one.


Football nap anyone?