All Grown Up



What happens when a kid attends Rock Camp for Girls 4 years in a row? And takes guitar lessons? Her very own show at The Mint in L.A., that’s what.


And what happens when said cool kid needs a backing band? She gets Tom McNalley on guitar, Meghan Toohey on bass and Patty Schemel on drums, that’s what.



As I watched Claudi Dae perform, I remembered going into her band practice at Rock Camp, 4 years ago. She was so tiny! She was the keyboardist with her band, Crazy Rockerz. I remember her smiling as she played and I remember her positive energy. I knew then that she was a good kid. She still is.



As Claudi’s Mint show went on, I found myself thinking about life. Claudi’s parents gave her the gift of attending Rock Camp. After her joyful experience, Claudi pushed her mom, Misty, into volunteering at Rock Camp. And so we were given the gift of growing our tribe. Misty is as dear to us as any, and so is her daughter. I suppose that’s why we’re all so heartbroken over their upcoming move to Nashville. The whole fam damily is going, and that, friends, has meant saying goodbye.


But I’m not worried about them, as they’re impossibly fabulous people. Misty is an amazing photographer, and I don’t doubt for a minute that she’ll be producing beautiful work right away in her new town. Claudi is, well, she’s growing into a mighty rock star. I don’t have any doubts about the brightness of her future, either.



After Claudi’s show had ended, and before taking my leave, I told her I didn’t like that she had promoted the show as being her “last time in L.A., ever.” She responded, “But it is! I’m moving away!” I hit her back with, “So what! You’re gonna keep performing, and eventually you’ll tour and find yourself right back here – with so much love and support!” I’m not sure she believed me, but I believed me. And I believe in her. And in Misty. No, I don’t enjoy saying goodbye. But I am terribly excited for those gals. There’s just no telling how big they’re gonna shine…




Today I’m helping a friend move. She’s been more than a good friend to me over the years. Helping her feels right. Feeling right is a good thing.


Later, I’ll be attending another friend’s reading. She’s a writer and actress, and tonight she’ll be putting both talents to work. I love seeing people do their thing, and I love that people actually do do their thing. Things. Whatever. I’m looking forward to it.


For some reason, yesterday found me thinking of a friend who once verbally attacked me at a dinner, for no good reason. I didn’t freak out or anything. I just let her express herself and that was it. I thought about it as I drove home on that long ago night, and realized she’d probably been stressed. When I talk to her these days, she’s lovely. Kind. And I’ll never – not even once – bring up that odd night a few years back.


Friends come in all sorts of packages. They’re good for us. That’s why we call them friends. And when they’re not good for us? Well, that’s when we need to let them go.


As for me, today is a good day to have friends. And to be a friend. Friendship is a two-way street, you know. I’m happy to report traffic is moving smoothly in both directions.

Lost and Found



Mister and I are a couple of months shy of one full year at the new abode. So of course we’ve just now started unpacking. Jeez Louise.


I am not a hoarder. Simple enough statement. But Mister. That guy will save just about anything, if left to his own devices. I get on him (as space is finite), and he’s started to get on himself, too. It helps. But the impulse is still there. Pray for him.


Anyhoo, as we’re starting to slowly go through boxes, we’re uncovering things packed away long ago. Things we thought were gone. Things we simply forgot. One such thing is a pillow Mister made when he was a kid. It’s a yarn, latch-hook thingie with black felt backing. The front shows Snoopy and Woodstock.


Now this is positive hoarding! I love it because kid-Mister made it. Mister loves it for, well, I don’t know why he loves it. Maybe for the very same reason.


Reasons aside, it’s staying. Other items, not put away or set aside, are finding themselves in a big old goodwill pile. But not Snoopy & Woodstock. I’ve already snuggled with this pillow while napping. Yes, it’s staying.




Fellow Rock Camp volunteers gathered this week for a get-together and it was sweet. As some of us only see one another during camp itself, we relish any opportunities we have for face-to-face time.


One of our tribe had some new ink to share, as shown above. 3 gals were nursing injuries. One took a break from being in the studio with Jason Mraz (along with 3 others who couldn’t be there that night), where they’re frantically trying to finish a recording. And one is prepping for a cross-country move.


Our little group is no different from you and your friends: a lot of life is happening. And because our self-selective membership tends to the positive side of things, we give each other major support. Even when it means saying goodbye to one of the fold.


So to Jen, Beth and DT, please continue to lovingly care for yourselves and allow your bodies to heal.


To Officer Becky, Principal Mona, Mai and Chaska, keep tearing it up in the studio (and in life), and spread your arms wide for life’s blessings.


To E-Flow, you will be missed more than you know. Take care of yourself and trust that you’re going to be okay. Warm wishes and heartfelt prayers surround you.


To Misty, the ink is beautiful. Just like you.




I like clean. I like it a lot.


This is the trash Mister removed from the overhead crawlspace in our garage. This is the trash we had to then dispose of.


Friends, if you should move house in the future, please dispose of your own trash. Don’t leave it for the next people. That’s not cool. Not even a little bit.


Sermon over.

Amember This?




This is a photo from our most recent move. Amember it?


Well the desert POD is gone now, and I no longer straddle two abodes. Everything Mister and I own is in one location and all that stuff is crying out to be dealt with. It wakes me from my sleep. It robs me of my afternoons. I step over and around it. I trip over it. Sometimes I just have to walk away from it.


We’re getting through it, one box at a time, friends. One box at a time. And when we are through it, I’ll be so happy to never mention it again. Promise.


Shouldn’t take more than a few years.




Yesterday my friend Gwendlyn came over and helped me in my attempts to unpack and get settled in the new pad. She decided to focus on one area of one room and I have to admit – major progress was made. I was impressed by her focus. I was impressed by her strength. I was impressed by her stamina.


But I think what impressed me most was the way she just dug right in and started working. If I’d paid someone, they wouldn’t have worked as hard as Gwendlyn. That’s friendship, folks. And friendship is a blessing.


I’ll keep plugging away, and Gwendlyn may even make another appearance in the near future. If so, I’ll appreciate the help. Lord knows, she’s already made an impact. On more than just the abode.

The End of an Era



It had to happen.


Some old friends just reach their end, and the only thing a gal can do is bid a fond farewell. And that’s what I’m preparing to do with my red couch.


That old sofa has been with us a long time (longer than it should have been, to be sure). Letting go won’t be the easiest thing in the world. I guess it never is.


So I’m looking for a new couch, a replacement for Old Red. And when that sofa arrives, I’ll embrace it and love it as part of our home.


But make no mistake – I will probably shed a tear or two for my red couch. That’s what we do when old friends pass out of view. I’ll not soon forget the old gal, either. That’s also what we do at a friend’s end.

The View From Here



A lot of adjusting going on here. New digs. New neighborhood. New view.


Mister and I haven’t really acclimated to our new home. I’ve mostly been on cleaning duty, and Mister’s dealing with a work deadline. Our abode isn’t much more than a maze of boxes, and we haven’t seen a lot of each other for quite a while. It’s been challenging. It is challenging. But I know that this too shall pass. Really.


In the meantime, the above photo is part of my new view. The light, the color, the motion – I love all of it. And I’m still not used to the fact that I get to look at this each and every day. That isn’t a bad thing, friends. I mean, I hope I always marvel at the blessing that is the view from here.


Like I said, a lot of adjusting going on here.

Spring Forward



Today marks the first day of Daylight Saving Time. I don’t usually mind it so much, but as I’m just now coming out of my moving coma, I’m none too happy to be losing an hour. I need all the time I can get, yo!


And as I’m going to lose a much-beloved hour today, I think I’ll have to lay off cleaning the new pad until tomorrow. To be perfectly honest, losing an hour isn’t the primary reason I’m taking a cleaning break. You see, I’ve been scrubbing so much that I’ve lost my fingerprints and my hands are swollen like blown-up rubber gloves. But unlike inflated gloves, my hands aren’t causing any chuckles.


Thus far, I’ve encountered some dirt that’s required a Silkwood shower or two. And I’m guessing there are a few more coming. Friends, I am not a fan of dirt.


Oh well, at least our bed is clean. That counts for quite a lot. I likes my sleepy-time!