Chairman of the Boards



Mr. Moses Malone passed away this weekend, and that news reminded me of a one-time interaction with the man (posted previously here).


If you’re 8 and you’re told someone is 60, you wonder how they’ve managed to stave off death for so long. To an 8-year-old, 60 is ancient! But when you’re my age (ahem), 60 is so very young. And you see just how much life is left to live at that point. So Mr. Malone’s sudden passing at that still-young age is sad.


For me, I smile when I think of him, because the one time I met him was funny. Here’s hoping he’s laughing somewhere, and by whatever method he gets to where he’s going, I hope there’s a lovely, steady black flight attendant tending his needs.

Hoops Review




Mister and I have been watching the L.A. Clippers during the post-season and the other night the announcers were talking about other players and particular records. When they mentioned Moses Malone having a run-in with someone, I smiled.


Back in my flight attendant days, I had my own run-in with Moses Malone. He and the Atlanta Hawks were on a flight when I was working first class. I knew who he was, but I wasn’t starstruck or anything. I was just working. Anyhoo – at some point during the flight, I accidentally (I swear) spilled orange juice on Mr. Malone. When I asked what I could do to make things right, Moses Malone said, “You can send the black flight attendant up here to take care of us.” I smiled and said, “You’ve got it.” I walked to the back of the plane and found the requested flight attendant and asked if she would work first class. We traded positions (and cabins) and that was that.


Ah! Memories!