It’s Memorial Day. And in-between good food and drink, being outside and welcoming summer, I hope I take a few moments and remember loved ones. Sure, today is designed around military personnel, but I intend to be a bit broader in my memories. Lest anyone be offended by this, don’t be. One of the people on my list is Little Papa, a veteran of the Korean War.


As for the other loved ones I miss, well, they were good people. That seems like reason enough to think of them today. Pretty good reason to smile, too.


Happy holiday to you and yours.

78 Degrees – And Counting



Yesterday I thought I’d check the old pool shark, just to see what temperature the water has reached. It’s been hovering around 72 F of late, and I expected it to be somewhere in that neighborhood. As we don’t have a pool heater, we count on the sun to get the water warm enough to not kill us. And Mister remembers us jumping in last Memorial Day, so the water must have gotten somewhere near 80 F, or I never would have done that. (I’m a wuss when it comes to cold pools.) But I digress.


So I checked the pool shark and I could hardly believe my eyes: 78 F! But believe it, I did, as pool sharks don’t lie. Memorial Day is just around the corner. I’m sensing a splash.




I’ve been volunteering with a group that tends to focus its efforts on U.S. Veterans and active service personnel. My participation has been rather mild and as of yet, I’ve had no direct contact with anyone in the organization other than the volunteers. In other words, I’m working behind the scenes with this group. And that’s cool.


But I have learned a lot, and I do appreciate being able to go about the living of my life in relative safety and peace, so when I put flaggie out for display today I think I’ll be smiling. And thinking about the folks I know who’ve served. Some are still around. Some not. Or maybe they are. For when we think of those who’ve passed on, aren’t they made present in our memories, if only for the moment? I know that when I picture my grandfather – Little Papa – I can actually see the Brylcreem in his hair and hear his voice. It’s amazing. And it sure feels real to me.


Here’s hoping your Memorial Day – and your memories – are grand.




In America, today is Memorial Day. This last Monday in May is set aside for us to remember soldiers who’ve lost their lives while defending our country. It started some time during the Civil War and has been going on ever since.


I don’t know how much actual remembering goes on, as it sometimes seems that most of us see the day as a barbecue-ing opportunity. A ton of hard-working Americans get the day off, so I totally understand the appeal of a backyard cookout. And hey – day-drinking on a Monday? Why the heck not!


For Mister and me, this day begins with us putting Flaggy out. (That’s what we call our big old flag.) Flaggy’s holder – by the front door – waits patiently for holidays, for we keep Flaggy inside the rest of the time.


I remember when I got Flaggy. It was shortly after the tragedies of September 11, 2001. My friend Gillian and I were talking about how we both wanted to get flags for our homes. The two of us tried shop after shop, to no avail. At that time, a whole lot of folks had decided they wanted to own flags and most shops had sold out. I was not deterred, however, so I tried one last shop (without Gillian) and waited in line for about an hour. By the time I reached the inside counter and chose my flag, I was totally smitten with the thing. The first time Mister and I put it out to wave in the wind, we were both goners. Yes, we had become flag people.


I have friends who’ve seen the flag outside our house and have questioned my sanity. I certainly don’t feel I have to explain myself or anything. Not to friends, and not even here. But I will say this: Flaggy looks so grand beside our front door. Graceful, bold, strong. I love the colors. I love the fabric. I even love the fact that we only put it out on certain days. I’m still smitten.


Here’s to remembering.

Happy Memorial Day!



No matter where you are today, or what you choose to remember, have a wonderful day. For reals.





Happy Memorial Day, America.


Remembering is important. Really.