Bees & Mars



I was out in the garden and caught sight of a big, fat bumblebee. He was buzzing around, doing the Lord’s work, and I was so happy to see him. I’m all for anything that helps the garden grow.


This little fella tired of my tomato plants pretty quickly. Then he headed straight for the passion flowers that have taken over our small orange tree. The passion flower grows on a vine. And that vine is evil, friends. It chokes the life out of whatever it grabs and I’ve tried to eradicate it. Alas, I have failed.


But here’s the passion vine deal: it produces a beautiful flower. Sure – it probably came from Mars. I mean, look at that thing. It’s a freak-show of a flower, and it’s pretty danged cool. If it weren’t trying to kill a large corner of my backyard, I’d feed it. But it doesn’t need me. It’s got the bees on its side.


For all I know, bees came from Mars, too. Or not. Either way, seeing the bee and the passion flower together was quite a show. A lovely, crazy freak-show.