Living With Color



I have shared my feelings about living with white walls, and how as a renter, I have spent most of my life surrounded by all that white. Or swiss coffee. Or whatever popular name of the moment is being bandied about instead of calling a damn paint color what it is – white!


But since moving to the new pad a couple of years ago, Mister and I have been fortunate enough, in some spaces, to be living with color. And because we spend all our time here, instead of going to the summer cabin by the lake or the mountain ski lodge in the winter – neither of which exist by the way – we get used to our surroundings and sometimes forget just how good we’ve got it.


Take the above photo. I’ve put sunflowers in that ordinary white vase many a time. And not once have I found myself ah-ing over the result. But this time, when placed in front of a beautiful blue wall… Wow! It’s my house and even I am smitten!



Our use of color, so far, has extended into the kitchen, too. In there, we are greeted each day by a happy green. And I love it. Just glancing in that direction makes me smile.


Early on, when we were still in the process of choosing colors and living with paint splotches on the walls, a friend advised me to be more basic. She said that if I wasn’t careful, my house would end up looking like a circus. She may have been right, but I’m okay with that. After living with white walls for decades, I am finally, fully committed to the Land of Oz. And I friggin’ love it.


Cue the circus music…