Passengers In Time, Lost In Motion, Locked Together



Here’s how it happened: I broke my own rule.


Every year it’s the same. I tell myself that Christmas Socks and Christmas Music do not exist until December 1st. And every year, I adhere.


Until this week. I don’t know what happened. I just couldn’t stop myself. Mister was late, so I dialed up the satellite radio to the Holiday channel and I let her rip. It was great. There was Johnny Mathis and Les Brown. Sinatra and The Crystals. Bing was there, and so was Marvin. I was – as Mister’s grandpa used to say – as happy as a denuded lark in a thistle patch.


And then I heard the garage door open, and I rushed to change the music channel. I mean, it’s November! What would Mister think? As quickly as I could – which was way too slowly – I changed the channel to the next option: 80s Hits.


Here’s what I can tell you: I was in heaven. First up was A Flock of Seagulls and “Space Age Love Song.” This is my very favorite Flock of Seagulls song and for some reason I decided to tell Mister my take on it. I’ve always “seen” it as a brief moment in time. In my mind – the lyrics are about simply seeing someone and knowing that person could mean capital L-O-V-E. But only in that moment. I’ve always seen the song as being about a solitary moment, and what might have been. Because it’s fleeting, I suppose the song’s moment holds more power for me. And I friggin’ love the chord progression. Of all their hits, it really is my fave.


Then came The Kinks and “Come Dancing.” This song has always befuddled me. I mean, how was it ever a hit? It’s a story song, first of all, and it’s incredibly sweet, for cry-eye. And as crazy as it is, I’ve always loved it. Knowing it’s about Ray Davies’ late sister only endears it to me. I will always love it.


Next was Van Halen and “And The Cradle Will Rock.” When David Lee Roth hits the lyric “Have you seen Junior’s grades?” – I am a goner. Every time.


And it just kept going. There was The J. Geils Band, Billy Joel and Mike and The Mechanics. Kenny friggin’ Rodgers was played, for God’s sake. By the time The Fixx and “Secret Separation” played, I admit – I was drunk. On nostalgia. On wine. On love. On 80s music.


I am an 80s lady. I own it and I love it. I think the thing that got me about the other night was this: I’d forgotten just how much I love 80s music. That brief reminder was heartfelt and darling. I’m still reeling. Happily. Yeah.