So Cool



Yesterday I watched a youtube video that made me cry tears of joy.


Apparently, Ms. Kristin Chenowith performed at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night (I wasn’t there). At some point, she brought a random audience member up on stage to sing a duet with her. The woman brought up on stage? A voice teacher. And Lordy, did she bring it! (In spite of thinking this woman must have been a “plant,” she was not. For reals!)


I don’t know why this video made me so happy. Maybe it’s because that voice teacher had a moment to shine, and she took it. Maybe it’s because Ms. Chenowith was so surprised by the woman’s abilities. Maybe it’s because a regular gal got to perform at the Hollywood Bowl.


When the world offers us a chance to step into the spotlight – be it metaphorical or literal – I pray we take it. I pray we grab that chance by the horns and wrestle it into brilliant submission. Last Friday night in Los Angeles, a very brave lady did just that. And oh my, didn’t she shine!