Happy Halloween!




Last year, a few days before Halloween, I picked up a batch of Halloween Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a friend’s party. I live closer to the store, so I was happy to help out and save her the drive. That’s how you do for friends.


Anyhoo – while waiting for the order to be ready, the fine folks at Krispy Kreme were handing out hot-off-the-line samples. And I don’t know how, but I managed to get doughnut glaze on my glasses. I swear – I wasn’t tearing into that doughnut like a monkey or anything. I think it just must have been extra glaze-y. That’s the story I’m going with anyway.


Here’s to a Halloween of delicious, spooky treats. And to clean glasses.


The Weak-end



Yesterday I had a moment of weakness. I was driving by the Krispy Kreme and thought I spotted the “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign. Even though I was headed away from doughnut mecca, it occurred to me that I could jump the curb and take out a small tree and still land in the Krispy Kreme parking lot. And just as I was about to put the pedal to the medal, I realized the sign wasn’t lit. There were no hot doughnuts now. There were only ordinary, room-temperature, fabulous doughnuts at that time.


It’s a good thing, too, as I would surely have lost a tire or two. Besides – I’ve got a birthday doughnut coming in only a couple of months…




Yesterday was National Doughnut Day in America. And I admit – I had jaded thoughts about the whole thing. I mean, aren’t most National Fill-in-the-Blank Days all about marketing? Weren’t their origins based in raking in bucks?


Well I was wrong, friends. Mister sent me this link, which gives the sweet history of National Doughnut Day. Go ahead. Read it. I’ll wait for you. Just thinking about those Chicago-area women, volunteering their time and efforts to increase the morale of soldiers, well, it makes me smile.


So in the spirit of lovely history, yesterday I took myself on a little trip to Krispy Kreme. I thought I’d enjoy an Original Glazed and a coffee. Maybe I’d get a half dozen for home so that Mister wouldn’t miss out. When I arrived at the heavenly store, I saw a traffic cop directing the drive-thru customers around the bend. Then I saw about a hundred people in a line that swerved and snaked to the other side of the building and out of view. A single doughnut costs around $1. That line looked to me like it would take up at least 45 minutes of my life. I may be cheap, y’all, but I ain’t that cheap. So I steered my car away from the Krispy Kreme and toward home.


I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts. And I like the idea behind National Doughnut Day. But I’m not too keen on crowds, so going forward I think I’ll have to get my doughnut fix a day or so before (or after) June 5th. That’s okay. I’m content having experienced Doughnut Day in my heart.

Drink Bacardi Like It’s Your Birthday



Today is my birthday. Let me try that again. Today is my birthday!


Instead of going out for lunch with friends, instead of drinking Bacardi like it’s my birthday (as I’m still on the wagon), I’ll be hanging at the homie. There are some worker dudes tackling the hole in the wall that is fireplace face. (Yippee!) And while I’m not the most distrustful gal around, I’m also not the trustful-est, either. So I’m at the house, keeping an eye on things and trying to learn a wee bit about what these guys are doing. I’m also tackling other projects while fireplace face gets a much-deserved and overdue lift. The old gal has surely seen better days. I can relate. I can also relate to just how stunning she’s going to be once she’s been cleaned up and tweaked. A little tweaking is good for the soul. (Notice I didn’t say a little twerking is good for the soul, because that just freaks me out, y’all.)


Anyhoo, I’m hoping Mister remembers to bring me a birthday doughnut since I won’t be going out to get it myself. I’m fairly sure he will. About 37 or so texts and emails ought to be enough to remind him.


Otherwise, I’m pretty content. My health is improving (more on that later this week), the new pad is getting some attention and it’s full-on Spring. It will feel like full-on Summer in a couple of days, but I can bitch and moan about that then. For today is a good day for a good day. And it’s my birthday! So much promise…

Everywhere You Go…



This was the scene at Krispy Kreme yesterday. Snowman Doughnuts!


Everywhere you go, holiday stuff abounds. And I love it. I know it started before Halloween, and that some of us are getting more than a little tired of it. But we’re approaching the end of this holiday season, so enjoy it while ye may.


At Krispy Kreme, I certainly enjoyed it.

Yearly Krispy Kreme!



Happy Birthday to me! And my yearly Krispy Kreme doughnut. And coffee.


And, okay, maybe more. But for now, that doughnut is enough. I’m just a simple caveman, after all…

Birthday Doughnut



My “birthday doughnut” has become a favorite ritual. I make the trek to Krispy Kreme, place my order, then sit in the shop eating my original glazed and drinking my small cup of coffee. It’s a simple ritual, I admit.


I don’t remember when it began, nor do I remember what possessed me to start. I only know I’m very boring in my exactitude of steps. I park my car. I walk in. I say – right out loud – “I’m here for my birthday doughnut!” I order. I sit. I devour. I leave.


I like having rituals. Honestly, there aren’t too many I practice. But the few I embrace are dear to me. Maybe it’s the stability, the permanence. I’m not sure. But as I age forward in this world, being rooted to my life is, well, it’s lovely.


I am totally open to new experiences. I am also open to developing new rituals. All this while holding on to some well-worn practices.


I suppose that’s what they call Roots and Wings. I’ll take both.