Under the Influence



I do a pretty good job of being true to myself. I work at it, I admit. I generally manage to function in this world with my eyes wide open. I take in information, analyze it, decide if I like it or not.


I am not usually susceptible to the raves and leanings of friends. If they tell me I simply must read the latest teen trilogy that’s sweeping every middle school in the known Universe, I am strong enough to know and say I won’t be reading those. If every gal I know is wearing the latest peep-show chaps that are available now! Straight off the pole!  - I couldn’t care less. And I will say right out loud, “No, thank you. I won’t be wearing those, girls.”


But when it comes to beer, well, I’m a bit more susceptible. As this dude in the UK keeps posting about all the holiday beers he’s going through before Christmas, I have fallen under the influence. So this week found me out shopping for holiday craft brews. Thus far, I’m toasting Christmas like nobody’s bid-ness.


Season’s Greetings, yo!