Sidewalk Graffiti



I spotted this the other day as I walked down Melrose in Holly-weird. And I didn’t think it was weird at all. In fact, I thought it was quite nice.




Two days ago I was driving through Holly-weird and passed The Magic Castle. As I inched along in afternoon traffic, I thought about how much I liked that place the one time I was there and how I’d relish the opportunity to go back for another outing. When I woke the next morning, I had a message from a friend, inviting me to – you guessed it – The Magic Castle. I started typing a response, saying how busy I was and that even though I’d like to go, I needed to focus on getting some work done.


And then I thought about how amazing it was that I had just wished for something specific and life had delivered. I mean, come on! That’s incredible! Is this happening all the time? Or was it a one-off? Am I a beneficiary of coincidence? Or am I one powerful chick?


Still working on my response, I erased what I’d typed and instead sent my friend a note saying I’d love to go with her to The Magic Castle. And so last night I did.


When you ask for magic and you get it, perhaps the best response is to simply say Thank You.

Devil Winds



We’re in the midst of some devil winds here in Los Angeles. And they’re not the type we’re used to.


During autumn, we usually experience Santa Anas, which are warm or hot winds that blow everything about and scare the bejesus out of me. Santa Anas often coincide with fire season and they tend to make things worse. After 2 decades of living here, I’m still surprised each year when they arrive. Surprised, but not flabbergasted or anything. I suppose on some level I’ve come to expect them.


We are not experiencing Santa Anas right now. We are told this is the beginning of our El Niño weather. That it will continue, off and on, for months. Rain is promised, and prayed for. Flooding is expected and we’re receiving regular admonitions to batten down the hatches and prepare for the worst. Snow has started hitting the Sierra Mountains and that’s great, as we desperately need it. Locally, there’s no rain but the winds are a-blowin’ and they’re fierce. They’re also cold. Cold, y’all! Everything is still flying about and I guess the bejesus is still getting scared out of me, but I’m wearing a sweater while being a wuss. And a hat. And a scarf and gloves. I’m not kidding. Friends are laughing at me when I’m bundled up so, but then I notice they’re doing a fair bit of shivering and I’m pretty sure they wish they had all the winter gear I’m donning. So there.


Yesterday I was in a Holly-weird skyscraper and I watched giant, metal light posts swaying in the wind. It was odd. And I could hardly bring myself to look away. But I eventually did, and then I left the building and walked the swirling sidewalks. As I passed others along my way, not a single person laughed at my warm, protective gear. And I understood why. I was surrounded by wusses. My thin-skinned people.

Treat Yo Self



Yesterday I stuffed my pockets with cough drops and drove myself to Holly-weird. I had wanted to get my hair did for quite a while, but I waffled back and forth over it, weighing my wanting against my frugality. It’s a struggle, I tell ya. In the end, the wanting won.


And here’s what I experienced: love. I’ve known these hair and color artists for years. And I’ve trusted them. I always enjoyed not only their professional artistry during our appointments, but also their personalities. These are awesome people! They’re world travelers and deep thinkers. They’re funny and they have big hearts. But to be honest, I always figured I got more out of our time together than them. And that was okay. Cut to yesterday’s appointment – the first in about 9 months. I spent a great deal of time catching up with my colorist and stylist. And more than once I was told how much I had been missed. How good it was to catch up. How fun it was to talk and laugh together. I swear – I was downright touched, y’all.


I’ll start sharing photos next week and you can see my new do then. For now, please know how utterly happy I am with the art created on my head. And also know how overjoyed I am to have spent time with two beautiful people. People I adore. People I respect. People I hope to know for a very long time.

There Has To Be A Morning After…



Today is back-to-reality day. The Oscars have ended and Hollywood can get back to being Holly-weird. As it should be.


Though I am merely a schmo-ette and haven’t been to the big dance myself, it’s always fun to spot folks I actually know at the Oscars. Real people. Who knew?


So I will take care of some bid-ness today and reacquaint myself with my little world. It’s a fairly cool place. Granted – there are mere mortals populating my environs, but those folks are pretty danged awesome. The real world rules.

Hollywood Nights



The other night I was driving through Holly-weird and I saw the dangedest thang. An SUV was cruising along with a cup of coffee sitting on its back bumper. That in itself isn’t odd, but the fact that the cup stayed on the bumper for over 3 friggin’ miles was a freak-show.


When I turned to head home, that cup was still planted on the bumper. For all I know that coffee is still cruising somewhere in Los Angeles.




Sometimes I find myself in a place and I go all Talking Heads. “Well, how did I get here?”


That happened when I walked into a Grass Room in Holly-weird. The floor, the walls, the ceiling, the furniture. All covered in turf.


I’m not gonna lie, y’all. That couch was pretty danged comfortable.




I feel for all of you who are under the heavy thumb of ugly winter weather. And I send you prayers.


I also hate to tell you how fantastic our weather is, here in Los Angeles. I’ve got the doors open to let in the warmth and it is bee-you-tee-full! It is just one of our So-Cal blessings.


What are some of your blessings, where you live? Come on, now, we all have blessings!

Sorry, We’re Open



I was sitting at a stoplight in Holly-weird, and I looked over at a row of shops. I snapped the above pic.


I know it appears to be a boring, run-of-the-mill strip mall. Nothing to spend any time on. But look closer…



Now I may not march myself in there for a cut and a shave, but I do appreciate the humor.


Come to think of it, I spot a lot of interesting sights while sitting at stoplights in Holly-weird. Hmm.