Hold For Annette Is In Full Swig. I Mean Swing.


Hold for Annette


Remember this photo? I wrote about it here. And then I decided Annette – God love her – was on to something and decided to help her out. This was my first effort…


Hold for Annette 2


Then I got all jazzed about the holidays and helped her some more…


Hold for Annette 3


For the record, I chose to hold this particular item for Annette because when I first looked at the box, I thought it read “Don’t Let Them Poop,” which led to an in-aisle guffaw. Then I looked again and read it correctly. My way would definitely be better. Hope Annette likes it.

Hold for Annette


Yesterday I was in a bookstore – an honest to goodness bookstore – and I looked over at a display and saw a book with a sticky note attached:


Hold for Annette


I picked up the book, thumbed through it and had myself some legit laughs. Turns out, that Grumpy Cat is a hoot.


But I wondered about the attached note. Just who was Annette? And why was that book supposed to be held for her?


I wanted to buy the book, if only to fuck with Annette. But the check-out line was ridiculously long, so I put the book back where I’d found it. Good news for Annette, I guess.


But I did decide that I kind of like Annette’s idea of putting sticky notes on things, to hold them for her. And I’m thinking I might start carrying a bunch of prepared notes around with me, so that I can place them on various things I might want at some point in time. So if you see an item with a sticky note on it reading “Hold for Annette,” you’ll know your pal Mikki was there. Or maybe Annette. I mean really.