So Proud



Over the weekend, Mister undertook a project that’s needed tackling for ages. And y’all – I was so proud of him.


For those who don’t know, Mister has a bit of a hoarder problem. I can’t explain it, so I won’t even try. But I will tell you that it sometimes makes life challenging, trying to live with stuff that we don’t need.


Anyhoo – Mister went through the dresser drawers and really pared down his clothes. I was so proud of him! I know it took time and energy, but it also took something more. He had to fight against his ordinary impulses and tendencies. He had to let go, for cry-eye. (That ain’t easy for everyone, folks.) And yet, he did it. He focused on one job and he completed the task.


I know there’s more to do and that Mister alone is responsible for his stuff. But if this weekend’s chore is any indication, I know he can get through the rest of his stuff and feel great about the lack of clutter, and the ease in finding things. Win-win!


Baby steps, y’all. Baby steps.

Lost and Found



Mister and I are a couple of months shy of one full year at the new abode. So of course we’ve just now started unpacking. Jeez Louise.


I am not a hoarder. Simple enough statement. But Mister. That guy will save just about anything, if left to his own devices. I get on him (as space is finite), and he’s started to get on himself, too. It helps. But the impulse is still there. Pray for him.


Anyhoo, as we’re starting to slowly go through boxes, we’re uncovering things packed away long ago. Things we thought were gone. Things we simply forgot. One such thing is a pillow Mister made when he was a kid. It’s a yarn, latch-hook thingie with black felt backing. The front shows Snoopy and Woodstock.


Now this is positive hoarding! I love it because kid-Mister made it. Mister loves it for, well, I don’t know why he loves it. Maybe for the very same reason.


Reasons aside, it’s staying. Other items, not put away or set aside, are finding themselves in a big old goodwill pile. But not Snoopy & Woodstock. I’ve already snuggled with this pillow while napping. Yes, it’s staying.