Happy Halloween!




Last year, a few days before Halloween, I picked up a batch of Halloween Krispy Kreme doughnuts for a friend’s party. I live closer to the store, so I was happy to help out and save her the drive. That’s how you do for friends.


Anyhoo – while waiting for the order to be ready, the fine folks at Krispy Kreme were handing out hot-off-the-line samples. And I don’t know how, but I managed to get doughnut glaze on my glasses. I swear – I wasn’t tearing into that doughnut like a monkey or anything. I think it just must have been extra glaze-y. That’s the story I’m going with anyway.


Here’s to a Halloween of delicious, spooky treats. And to clean glasses.


Happy Halloween!



Don’t know what you’ll be doing today, but I’ll be eating something with pumpkin in it. And maybe enjoying the costumes worn by the kiddos. And maybe laughing with friends.


Sounds like a pretty nice Halloween.

The Day Before



Today is the day before Halloween. That may mean a bunch of nothing to most folks, unless they’re desperately trying to scrounge together a costume for a kid, or hoping to score some last-minute candy for tomorrow night’s trick-or-treat-ers. I fall into the category of “bunch of nothing” on this one. No prep work for tomorrow, no candy to buy. For me, it’s just Sunday. Honestly – I’m fairly thrilled about that.


As Mister and I were at a party last night, today is chill and recovery time. We’ll have some chicken-pesto chili simmering in the crock-pot most of the day (tonight’s dinner). And we may work in the garage a bit. Maybe catch up on some telly later. Maybe not. That’s kind of the beauty of today.


At least I hope so. There is always work to be done. Always chores and tasks to be tackled. I hope our day is lovely and paced. I hope we enjoy the day as well as accomplish a few things. I hope the aroma of dinner tempts us and makes us smile for hours. I’d say all that will add up to a lovely Sunday. Fingers crossed.


Here’s hoping your Sunday is lovely, too.

Jumping The Gun



We have a week to go in this month, and yet I’m already seeing Halloween decorations on houses.


I get it. A lot of folks reeeaaaaaally get into Halloween. And for them, this is as big as it gets. If they go all out, they may need to pace themselves and get cracking as early as possible. Turning one’s yard into a spectacle can take a lot of time. (I’m imagining anyway, as I don’t turn my yard into anything. It barely qualifies as a yard for cry-eye.) We used to have a neighbor who spent well over a month spooking-out his yard. And I’m not kidding when I tell you that by the time he was finished, there was hardly any space left to walk. I’m also not kidding when I tell you how much Mister and I used to appreciate his handiwork. It was spectacular!


Then again, maybe people are thinking that if they shake a tail feather, Halloween will get here faster. Maybe. I, for one, welcome this coming month. May she bring goblins and cooler weather. I wouldn’t kick a spiced cider out of bed, either. I’m just sayin’.

The Cupcake Kid



On Halloween night, Mister and I hung out with friends and their family. There were about a jillion trick-or-treaters, good food for all of us and excellent company. Truly – it was a swell time.


I super-enjoyed the evening as a whole, but I did have a favorite part. After the house kid-lets were back from gathering candy and the flow of costumed stranger-kids had slowed to a trickle, we and our friends settled down and relaxed. That was when our friends’ kid started yelling, “Cupcakes! Cupcakes!” and raced through the house like a mad man. Apparently a neighbor had brought the kid a gift of cupcakes earlier in the day and his mom (our friend) had told him he had to wait until after dinner. And he had. But when he got the all-clear for that sugar rush, the kid flipped! He sat out on the front porch, watching the few remaining trick-or-treaters and gobbling that cupcake. One of our friends popped in and told us all to come check out what was happening. We walked outside and that’s when we saw it: black frosting all over the kid’s mouth.



For the record – the frosting stained his little cheeks and fingers and it was a hoot. Personally, I’d like to send a note of gratitude to that cupcake-baking neighbor. Thanks to her, I got one heck of a big belly laugh that night.

Happy Halloween!



Mister spotted the spider shown above, and we both had a grand chuckle over it. Honestly – that’s the most creative use of a bullet-hole I’ve ever seen.


Here’s hoping your Halloween is super-duper nifty. And if spiders are involved, may they all be fake and fluffy. And hey – no bullet-holes, um-kay? No bullets, no guns, no injury. Fingers crossed, that about covers it.

La-La Land



One of the cooler things about living in L.A. is the people who work in The Industry. I mean, a bona fide celebrity sighting is a kick, but so what? No, I’m not thinking about the names many of us recognize. I’m talking about the folks whose names most of us will never know, but whose work impresses the heck out of us. Yes – I refer to the artisans who work behind the scenes in film and television. These professionals not only work in our environs, they also live here. And sometimes they can’t help but bring their work home with them.


The other day I was lost driving around when I spotted an amazing “Fun House” someone built in a front yard. This was a regular old neighborhood, but it didn’t matter. An artist had put in the time and effort to construct this magnificent monstrosity for Halloween. And while the result is pretty danged cool, it isn’t terribly uncommon. Hollywood pros build these sorts of things at their homes fairly regularly. Some are gi-normous, others not so much. When I happen upon one of these displays of love, I am always amazed.


This particular structure’s tenure has now ended. It will be deconstructed and that will be that. The yard will once again be an ordinary yard and most of us won’t think twice about who might live at that house. We won’t wonder if the resident is an artist or not. We probably won’t notice anything at all as we pass by.


Until next year…


Have a Ghoulish Evening!



Here’s hoping your Halloween is as ghoulish as can be. Or not. You know – if that’s not your thing. Or whatever, y’all.


Happy Halloween!

Halloween Is Coming…



I was out for a stroll the other morning and spotted this little arty guy in the street. You know what it means, don’t you? That’s right. Halloween is coming.


I hope you’re ready. Actually – I hope I’m ready.

Happy Halloween!



Just for you – a little Halloween Auto Art…






And finally…