Thursday Memories



While recently going through some old film negatives, I found some shots of friends’ babies and had a few pics printed. Which I then passed on to said friends. They’d never seen the photos before.


The shot above shows two sweet sisters, the oldest not quite three. She’ll be off to college soon, which only goes to show how this wondrous ride can slip by in the blink of an eye.


Anyhoo – when I gave copies of the old photos to our friends, the big sister (of the two shown above) and I were talking about the path before her. At some point I told her the only things she has to do right now are live her life and be fabulous. I then turned to the little sister and said the same. That’s when the little sister smiled with utter and complete confidence, looked me in the eye and said, “I always live my life and I’m always fabulous.”


And y’all – she meant it.

Waiting for Santa



This photo is from a few years ago. Tommy Boy was only a toddler. As we’ve not seen him for quite a while, I imagine he’s grown into a confident, big boy.


For that’s what kids do – they grow. There will come a time when Tommy Boy finds no reason to look out his front window. There will be nothing there he’ll want to see. We can’t judge him for it, because we stopped looking out our own front windows, too. We grew up and didn’t want to spend any time looking for something we couldn’t name. And really, what is there outside front windows? A bunch of nothing, really. Lovely, watching-the-grass-grow, unhurried nothing.


Maybe tonight – no matter how confident and big-boy or big-girl we may be – we can take a few moments to sit quietly and look out our front windows. If anyone asks what we’re doing, we can say we’re waiting for Santa. And maybe that’s exactly what we will be doing.


Merry Christmas.

That Was Unexpected



Earlier this week, Mister and I woke to find water in our rumpus room. You may not be aware of this, but water does not belong in our rumpus room. Turned out our water heater had bitten the dust.


I didn’t freak out. Maybe I’m really growing up, because I am surprised by this, y’all. We just grabbed some towels, cleaned up the mess, made some calls and took care of bid-ness. Go figure.


I continue to be amazed by the moments in life where I just deal with it. No drama. No frenzy. Just bang it out and move on. I didn’t know I had it in me to do that, but clearly, I do.


All is well now, and Mister and I are back to warm showers. (We will not be joining a Polar Bear Club any time soon, thank-you-very-much.) That scene was barely a blip on the radar. If this is growing up, I hope to stay on the path. Calm is a beautiful thing.

Beer Clug



Mister and I hosted a Beer Clug meeting this past weekend, and we managed some major damage, er, drinking. And eating. It was a lot of fun.


The meeting marked the first time having folks over at the new pad. Boxes are still in corners. The floor is half-stripped. The walls aren’t painted. We had to use paper plates because most of ours are still packed away, somewhere in the garage. This state of flux would ordinarily keep me from allowing the mail carrier a peek inside. Seriously, I’ve pretended I wasn’t home when the carpet’s needed vacuuming. But for some reason, I wasn’t phased. It was all okay. There was room for the clug members, and that was enough.



Maybe I’m finally learning to let go. I’m not sure. That would be nice, though.


Growing up. It does a body good.