Lazy Sunday



Today is the last official Sunday of Summer. But don’t try telling summer that. Where I live, we’re expecting a high of around 97 degrees. Da fuh?


Anyhoo – my intention is to be lazy. To enjoy the day without worrying over accomplishing things, to loll about and be present in the moment, to share the company of Mister. To try and stay cool, dang it.


I am also fully prepared to scrap my intentions and work on this or that, to tackle a job, to take care of bidness.


Either way, I hope to go where the day takes me, and to meander with grace and gratitude. After all, it’s the last official Sunday of Summer. During this calendar year, there won’t be another like it. I’d say that’s reason enough to live it fully, wouldn’t you?



Alive and Kicking



This is a bike rack. Or rather, it was a bike rack before a reckless-driving teenage boy careened off the road and onto the sidewalk and ripped it out of the pavement. Said sidewalk was adjacent to a taco stand where my friends Betro and Aniela and I were just about to order lunch. There were several other customers there, and when we all heard the impact sounds of the car hitting the curb and screeching past way-too-close, well, let’s just say there were quite a few frazzled nerves.


Considering the bike rack flew about 30 feet and parts of the kid’s car were thrown in all directions, we were damned lucky. Not one of us was injured. And that very sidewalk – which had been full of people only moments before – was empty. Somehow, though I’m guessing not through skill, the kid managed to avoid hitting a light pole. In fact, he seemed okay, physically, as he was able to walk around and pick up various pieces of his car. He was clearly okay enough to leave the scene of what was technically a hit-and-run, as well as destruction of public property, because he then got in the damaged car and drove away.


I won’t go into other details, as the po-po may be calling and I’d prefer to let them take care of the situation. But I’ll tell you this – grace is a beautiful thing. And I’m mighty grateful yesterday wasn’t my time to go. Lots more living to do…

Tea & Philosophy



This bit of wisdom was waiting for me with my cuppa yesterday: “Use soft words and hard arguments.” ~ English Proverb


I’m the type of gal who looks for inspiration around every corner and beneath every stone. I am often rewarded with more than I bargained for. More than once I’ve found myself crying – gratefully – in response to some little grace provided by the Universe. Just when I needed it. The medium of the message varies – radio, books, magazines, conversation, fortune cookies, tea bags – which keeps life interesting. And surprising.


I’m not sure how yesterday’s tea message applies right now, but I’ve got it in the back of my brain – just in case.

You Can’t Buy Everything There…



I love Costco. I do. Mister likes to say it’s one of the things that makes America great. I do not disagree.


Costco sells a lot of things. More than I know, really. But that’s not the point of this post. The point is this – I was in the Costco parking lot last week, locked out of my car. It was Mister’s car, actually, and I had taken it in for service and so the electronic key wasn’t attached to my ring. Instead, it was in the car, where the service guy had left it. When I got out of the car, I’d used the interior lock mechanism instead of the exterior. This makes a difference because the exterior mechanism is electronic, meaning one cannot lock the door from the outside if the key is inside the car. But since I used the interior mechanism – which is manual – I was able to lock the doors, no matter where the key was. That’s not the point of this post, either.


So I was standing by my locked car in the Costco parking lot, waiting for AAA to come bail out my sorry butt. As I was standing there, a lady pushed her laden cart past me and dropped some trash on the ground. She stopped, looked down at the trash, then shrugged her shoulders and walked to her car. Which was right next to mine. That’s right – this all happened a mere 2 feet in front of me.


I have many assets flaws, y’all. One of them is my big mouth. So, as you’re probably guessing, I opened said big mouth and blurted, “You’re gonna pick up that litter, aren’t you?” The lady sighed audibly and said, “Yes! I was gonna pick it up!” She stomped the 2 feet to where she’d left the trash and retrieved it. She then finished unloading her shopping into her car. She then got in her car, backed out of the spot, put the car in drive and started to leave the parking lot. But just after she began inching forward, she leaned out her window and yelled, “Bitch!” She then sped off pretty dang quickly.


I have many flaws assets, y’all. One of them is my big sense of humor. So when that lady yelled at me, I did the only thing I could: I guffawed so loudly and with such gusto, I actually bent over and slapped my own knee. I was still laughing as she peeled around the corner, trying so desperately to get away from me, lest I come after her or something.


After my laughter died down, I thought about that lady and her witnessed behaviors. And I realized I had been unfair to her. For she was only being true to her nature. Think about it. She knowingly littered. I mean, she may have accidentally dropped the garbage, but she knowingly chose to leave the trash on the ground. She chose to litter. And if that behavior was a part of her nature, it should have been no surprise that she might then choose to yell an obscenity at a stranger in a public parking lot. That lady is what she is.


And another factor was probably at play: I don’t care what kind of person one may be, no one relishes having their shortcomings pointed out. By anyone. And certainly not by someone who’s having a happy, joy-filled, all-I-can-seem-to-do-is-laugh kind of day.


But that is my nature. Just like my big mouth and my optimism. And my love for Costco.


Yes, they sell a lot of things at Costco. But you can’t buy everything there. For as I clearly learned in their parking lot, they obviously don’t sell class, grace or decorum. You’ve either got those or you don’t.