Dinner With Baker Jen




Friday night found us having dinner with our friend, Baker Jen. And as she and Mister are drinking soul-mates, they both relished Paisley Martinis.



We had a fab time and we laughed and talked and, as often happens when friends get together, we solved all the world’s problems in one evening. Right in our living room. Unfortunately, the world has no idea. Too bad.


It was a grand night. And I have to tell you – one of the highlights was the potatoes shown below. I roasted those babies in goose fat and they were sublime. Lucky for me, I made extra. Yum!



Summer will be swirling around us for some time. I hope to see more friends and have more fun and delicious food, and I recommend the same for you. For now, I’ve got some delicious potatoes to remind me of one swell night.