I Wish You a Merry Christmas (Yes, You)


Yes You


Not sure what your day looks like, but I do hope it’s joyful. Maybe you’ll have yourself some laughs. Maybe some good times. Maybe some peace.


No matter where you are, I hope this day of yours is worth living. I hope mine is, too.

Muscle Memory



The other day I needed to get some exercise and opted to tread water. I hadn’t done that in a while, so I set my timer for only 30 minutes. I knew the water would be cool (80 degrees). I braced for the shock and jumped in the deep end of the pool and stayed there. On purpose.


I didn’t turn on any music or anything, so it was pretty quiet. As I moved my body against the water’s resistance, my mind drifted back to about a jillion years ago, when I first began treading water for exercise. Mister and I were living in Dallas, near “Snuffer’s” on Lower Greenville. I had made friends with another apartment dweller, a gal named Mindy. She and I would tread water for an hour at a time, a few days a week. I don’t recall who came up with the idea, but it was probably Mindy, as she was always full of great ideas. At that time, Mister had a watch that could be programmed to go off every 5 minutes, for a predetermined duration. Mindy and I would set that watch for an hour, and then we’d switch our leg and arm patterns every 5 minutes. We talked and laughed throughout and before we knew it, the hour would be up. Exercise achieved.


After 2 years, Mister and I moved from Dallas to Boston and Mindy moved to west Texas. Mindy and I fell out of touch and I have no idea what her life looks like now, or where she’s planted. That happens, friends.


Anyhoo, as I wrapped up my treading session the other day, I smiled to think of Mindy and all she brought to my world. I do hope she’s happy. And if she ever finds herself treading water for exercise and memories of me cross her mind, well, I just hope she smiles. Good times.

It Makes Me a Jolly Good Fellow…



Not only did Mister and I have Beer Clug last night, but I also heard from my buddy, Baker Jen, who wants to know if I’m available to help her finish off a growler of a local brew. Yes, please!


Beer Clug was awesome, with most of our members in attendance. (A couple missed out, as they’re in Holland. But you know what? They’re probably not hurting for beer, so there!) The first beer I tried was just too danged spicy. As in – yow-za! That beer is burning my mouth! I wanted to love it, as I generally dig on spicy brews. Alas, I wasn’t man enough to take it. Then the bar-keep told me he had some bloody mary mix and could mix the spicy beer with that. The joint where we held our meeting doesn’t serve liquor, so the mixer was a total surprise. And after I said yes, and the keep had made my drink, I couldn’t have been happier. That spicy beer was perfect with the bloody mary mix. From there I moved on to a few other heavy beers, and I had a mighty nice time.



Here’s the thing, y’all – I am usually the designated driver. Therefore, I don’t get my drank on very often. But Mister was feeling generous, and he refrained from getting his drank on so that I could have my turn. I’m not a gal who turns down her turn, yo.


So by the end of the meeting, I was pretty smiley and pretty happy. I’d say that’s what Beer Clug is all about.