The Freaking Queen



I’ve started watching “The Crown” on Netflix and I’m smitten.


When I first saw “Brideshead Revisited” in the 1980s, I realized I was an Anglophile. Still am. I’ve tried to escape it, but we are what we are, friends. I fell hard for that series then and I’m now falling for “The Crown.”


None of it’s perfect. Flaws abound. There is truth and there is fiction. There is laughter and there are tears. There is hope and there is abandonment. As long as there is entertainment, I will watch.


On this date in 1940, the future Queen Elizabeth II gave her very first address to Britain on the BBC’s Children’s Hour radio program. She was 14 years old. As good a reason as any to think of that fabulous gal.


And for the interwebz police, I give you this. The painting shown above is indeed based on a photo. It is based on a photo I staged myself, of myself, and not on anything else. Put that in your fucking e-hat and smoke it. Clearly – the interwebz police and I have a history. Word.




Today someone I know will be taking an oath of citizenship and, presumably, starting a new chapter. (Or maybe continuing the current chapter of his life. His call.)


Citizenship means a lot of things to a lot of different people. And that’s generally okay. Depending on where one lives, citizenship may mean trying to get the hell out for mere survival. It may mean government healthcare, or the right to vote. It may mean religious freedom. It may not. The way one views one’s home country is probably a lot like the way certain folks view their home states in the US: with pride. As I’m not a gal who thinks that way, it always surprises me when I cross paths with someone possessing a strong sense of state pride. It reminds me of being a kid in Georgia. I remember a few other kids talking about how Georgia was the best! And how other states were second-rate. Mind you, these memories are from my 10-year-old world, but I’m guessing kids haven’t changed much on that front. And like I said, when I encounter an adult with that same state devotion, it kind of makes me chuckle.


There’s no reason to think a person’s sense of country pride would be any different. And when it comes to immigrants choosing to become citizens of a new-to-them country, the pride is often greater than that of those born there. New citizens learn things about their adopted country, things most of us forgot soon after taking grade-school exams on the subject. New citizens take a test – a test, people – in order to live freely in their new country. It’s one thing to be born some place. It is another thing entirely to elect, as an adult, to become a citizen in a land foreign to one’s birth. And pride? New citizens have more patriotism and pride than most. It’s actually kind of beautiful. And inspiring. If you’ve never met a naturalized citizen of your country, you’re missing out. They’re the ones who love their new country enough to cry during its anthem. They’re the ones who talk about the grace and bounty of where they’ve chosen to live. Their sense of pride and patriotism kicks the ass of folks like me. Like I said – it’s kind of beautiful.


But back to today’s oath of citizenship. I wish this person the best. I truly do. I can’t know what his new citizenship will mean to him, but I do hope it brings him joy and happiness along with any other benefits to which he is entitled. And if he happens to feel a sense of pride during the playing of the anthem, good for him. Great Britain’s “God Save the Queen” really is lovely. May England treat him well.

Yaaass Queeeen, Yaaass!



Today is the 90th birthday of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As merely typing that sentence tired me out, I cannot imagine what it takes to perform her job, even though she is mostly a figurehead.


I’m not a Royals junkie or anything, but I do find Queen Elizabeth’s reign interesting. I mean – think about what the world must have been like at the time of her accession in 1952. She had already been living a life of public service – functions, appearances and the like – but was suddenly thrown into it full-time and with more responsibility. Not to mention 2 small children. She was barely 26 years old. Remember what you were doing at 26? Me, neither. But I can guarantee I wasn’t dealing with a realm.


Anyhoo – today I send my own birthday wishes to Queen Elizabeth, if only because she’s been around all my life. She’s the only Queen I’ve ever known. I daresay I shall even toast Her Majesty on this day. And my sentiments shall be sincere, for her good health and long reign. God save the Queen.

Long Live the King



For a long time now, I’ve wanted a companion piece to “God Save the Queen.” I don’t know why. It was just something lodged in my brain-hole. So you know what I did? I went and made one!


I’m pretty smitten with this fella, truth be told. My goal is to hang this on the right side of a doorway, with “God Save the Queen” hanging on the left. I think it will be cute, with the King looking over toward the Queen, as she sneaks away. That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see…