4th Day_Highgate Cemetery West_Entrance_Phone Photo


New month.


It is entirely possible I have loads to say about that. It is likely I won’t share my thoughts – here – on the subject. That I’ll just ride it out like everyone else. Those in my immediate vicinity will surely have to endure my opinions, but I’m not new to them and they knew I was a cross-dressing pirate when they met me. Ahem…


I’m finally getting through the photos of Mister’s and my summer trip to the UK. We saw art in public places, which sometimes tickled and sometimes intrigued. Sometimes both…


1st Night_Elephant Statue during taxi ride_SB Phone Photo


We attended a Gin class. I’m okay with gin, but Mister is keen on it. My notes from the class mean nothing to anyone but me. I’m sure the notes of others were far more informed and detailed. I’m good with that…


2nd Night_Gin Master Class_Phone Photo_Notes


We saw both of the Harry Potter plays. In one day. I’m still processing. The stage craft was amazing and I can only tell you that magic is real…


3rd Day_Harry Potter and the Cursed Child_Outside_After_Phone Photo


We went on a cemetery tour. Lord knows I love a good cemetery and Highgate West is a doozy. (Many thanks to Drunken Bunny for hipping me to the place.) I would very much like to live there. Now. While I’m still kicking…


4th Day_Highgate Cemetery West_Egyptian Gateway_Phone Photo


We saw the Christo installation in Hyde Park. I’ve missed a few other Christo installations in the past, in various places. I was so happy to make this one in person…


4th Day_Hyde Park_Christo and a Queens Swan


We traipsed about the British Museum. The hours we spent there weren’t nearly enough to see all that’s available. I guess we’ll just have to go back…


5th Day_British Museum 2C


And then we took our asses to Scotland. Still working on those pics, and I won’t lie – the task is wearing on me. Who knew photographic evidence of travels could be so overwhelming? In case you’re thinking, “But Mikki – you’ve only shown a few photos here. What’s the hubbub, Bub?” Well, I’ll tell ya. You’re seeing only a few of the thousands of photos being processed. So cut me some slack, Jack. Dag.


But don’t misconstrue. I’m not feeling pitiful. I have great music in the headphones and cooler weather surrounding me while I work. I’m feeling creatively inspired and downright hopeful. Next week’s elections may put a tremendous damper on that, but not today. Today I welcome Elevensies, a whole new month. Right this way, folks…


5th Day_British Museum_Ancient Hand

G – I – N




I was at the grocery store the other day. To be specific, I was standing in the wine aisle of the grocery store. There were a few other folks nearby, but I paid them no attention as I was engrossed in my shopping list. Rather, I tried paying them no attention, but it just couldn’t be helped…


This little old lady said to a little old man, “Excuse me, but I’m looking for something called ‘Gin.’ My friend sent me for it. It’s spelled G-I-N. Is it somewhere around here?” The little old man was as befuddled as a tree stump. He slowly responded, “Er… Iiieeeee  reeeeallly don’t knooooow.”


At this point, I couldn’t help but look up. Now y’all, that little old man looked like he didn’t even know he was at the danged grocery store, let alone standing in the alcohol section. And the little old lady? I’m fairly certain she was around when gin was invented. And she expected someone to believe she didn’t know what gin was?


That’s when the wheels started turning. Was this some coy pickup line? Was this old gal on the make? I stood there, absorbed by my analysis, and the lady turned to look me square in the eye. She caught me by surprise, but genuinely appeared to be at a loss. So I threw her a bone. “I think gin is one aisle over. But let me check first, before you head over there.” I peeked around the corner, spotted liquor bottles and told the little old lady to follow me.


We walked to the middle of the aisle and I pointed out the gin selection. As there were only 3 choices, I thought it would be easy for the old gal. But she about flipped her lid when she saw the prices. “Does that say $14.99 for that little bottle?” I told her yes, then pointed to a gin I’ve never had and let her know it was only $10.99 for the same amount of alcohol.


At that point, she asked if cheap gin was any different from expensive gin, and said that she thought there must not be any difference at all. Then she said, “My friend said to get cheap gin, because it doesn’t really matter. She’s going to soak raisins in it then eat them. It’s supposed to be good for arthritis, don’t you know.” I said I did not know, and that if her friend had requested cheap gin, she should feel perfectly fine about selecting the odd, cheap bottle. She placed it in her cart, thanked me then wandered away. I considered going back to the wine aisle and helping the little old, befuddled man, but instead opted just to finish up my bid-ness and call it a day.


In the future, I may linger in the alcohol section of the grocery store. You know, just in case any old-timers need a helping hand. Well, that and I do enjoy a good pick-up line from time to time.


For the record, I looked up raisins soaked in gin as an arthritis treatment and found a Dr. Oz assessment of the home remedy. It’s short, sweet and positive! You can read it here.

Gin and Juice



This is how we Bowl. Well, this is how Mister and I Bowl.


We were at the Hollywood Bowl to see the L.A. Philharmonic play live to various bits of Pixar animated films. We packed some gin in a flask and partook of the Bowl’s delicious lemonades. (That’s Cucumber on the left and Strawberry on the right.) We also noshed on some of the Colonel’s finest chicken, too. Since we only eat KFC about once a year, it was pretty awesome.



But not as awesome as the show. I’ve seen all the Pixar films represented, but not since they were released. I’d forgotten how magnificent the animation is. How beautifully each frame presents itself. How moving the stories are. To hear the L.A. Phil playing the scores live was, well, it was a magical evening.


Good food. Good show. Good gin. The whole night was very good indeed. And oh so L.A.