It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, mateys! What does that mean to you? Nothing. But it sure is fun to throw some pirate lingo around once in a while.


I’m just sayin’.




It’s September 19th. That can mean only one thing: G’Day, Mate! Wait. That’s not right.


Cracking toast, Gromit! Um. That isn’t it, either.


Hey, y’all? Nice tuque, eh?


Arr! I merely tease, matey. It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! And if ye be plannin’ ter talk the talk, ye best be prepared to walk the…um…the plank? It’s harrrder than I thought. Oh well. Here’s to splicing the main brace! But mind ye-self. Don’t wanna end up loaded to the gunwalls. It’s still a school night. Blimey.

Good to Get Back



My painting teacher/mentor is back from various travels. Finally! He’s been away for a month and I’ve sorely missed him and his studio.


I’ve become habituated to painting class and its effects. It’s a great stress-reducer. I don’t know if this is because of the meditative tendencies of the act of painting, or simply because of using one’s right brain (the creative parts). It’s also fun! I have a good time when I’m in the studio. I get to be adventurous in my creativity. I get to socialize. And there’s just something about being around so much creativity that triggers comfort for me. I can’t explain it, and that’s okay.


So yes. My teacher and mentor is back in the proverbial saddle and I’m back to painting. Hallelujah!




So – today. Without going into details, let me just say I’ll be working with a group of women to facilitate a songwriting workshop for teenage girls. I think it will be awesome. And yet I have no idea what to expect.


But do y’all know I’m a-feared of teenage girls? Well I am. So much so that I’ve been having nightmares about kids trying to kill me. For reals.


But those are just dreams. As for today, I’m trying to remember that I won’t be alone. That I’ll have a bevy of other chicks on the same team. And that the purpose of this workshop is to have fun. I’m also trying to remember to breathe – deeply. This workshop isn’t something I have to do. It’s something I get to do. Hopefully a little perspective will go a long way.

Work That Body




I have complained about the rigors of the Social Season, but I’ve not gone into how awesome it can be.


I say can be because the social muscle, much like other muscles, can atrophy after continued misuse. Don’t believe me? I once knew a woman who had spent 2 months with a non-English speaking tribe in a remote area of Africa. She did not speak their language, so all communication was made through signs and gestures. Even her pre-arranged transportation – to and from the village – was provided by non-English speakers. After 8 whole weeks of speaking to no one and not hearing a known language, she just about flipped when she arrived at the airport and found one soul with a decent grasp of English. She told me she talked his ear off and only later did she realize how she must have seemed to him. Over the course of 2 months she had forgotten how to participate in polite conversation.


My paint-splattered life leaves me dressing like trash most of the time and, quite frankly, talking to myself. So putting on a nice frock and a little lipstick for an outing is refreshing. It’s also good for me, because I get to stretch those social muscles and give them a workout.


But the most important benefit of the Social Season is fun! It’s good to laugh and converse with friends and others. It’s good to hear new points of view. Hell – it’s good to disagree with people. We tend to design our lives to be quite insular. That may give us familiar comfort, but it doesn’t always stretch our minds.


So here’s to the fun of the Social Season! I hope yours has already started and that you’re appreciating it. And if you’re struggling with getting back in the swing of social activity, be kind to yourself. Those muscles are still there, still able to carry you through an evening. Just maybe remember to stretch first.




Because I’m me, and because I am flawed, I have recently fallen out of touch with my neighborhood buddies, Betro and Aniela. Forgive me for not going into details, but suffice it to say I have allowed the excuse of life’s hurdles to somewhat isolate myself. To hole-up. To lose touch. It ain’t right, but it’s true.


Anyhoo – yesterday I and my buddies reconnected and made our usual trip to Costco. I apologized for my behavior and was accepted for who and how I am.


And the fun was just as good as ever.

Sweet, Sweet Sleep



Today I am recovering from last night. It was crazy, and I’ll share some deets on the morrow.


But for now, can I tell you how much I enjoy rest? I don’t want to lie around for no reason or anything, but deserved rest… Ah! That’s fabulous. I also count the need for rest during a heat-wave. We’ve had that going on, too. Hard work warrants rest, so does working out. I’m not afraid of either of those.


But my favorite rest comes after so much fun that a gal nearly busts her buttons. And that’s the rest I seek today. Knowing me, I’ll prolly be smiling in my sleep. My sweet, sweet sleep.




I am sated. With food. With fun. With friends. And life is indeed good.


I have lots to share, and will! But not right now. Right now I need to get my house back in order. I need to not overeat today. I need to work on some art. I need to make today a good day.


I’ll be shareful, though, promise. Tomorrow…

National Dance Day



Today is National Dance Day here in America. And I support the heck out of that.


I’m not a dancer myself, mind you. In fact, over the last few years I’ve come to understand that I am fairly awkward when it comes to dance moves. Truth be told, I don’t think I’ve ever been any good at dancing, but I’ve always had such fun trying! It never occurred to me to judge my dance ability, as any time I was in the act of dancing, I was filled with joy. Now that I know how bad I am, I hope I can continue having fun, as I’d hate to deny myself that happiness just because I lack talent.


I have no plans to hit the clubs tonight. I won’t be tripping the light fantastic in any elite establishments about town, either. But I may put on a few records and shake what the good lord gave me, in my own living room. My foot is tapping and I’m smiling – just thinking about it.




As I write this, I’m about to zonk out.


Crazy friends kept me up late last night, what with the having of the fun and the eating of the food and the drinking of the wine. Some chicks just be that way.


Since realizing I do indeed have friends, I’ve not been questioning that gift. I’ve just been enjoying them. The crazy friends I was with last night are diverse, creative, brilliant women. Our circle included actors, producers, attorneys, playwrights, artists, restaurateurs and a baker’s dozen of other talents I’m forgetting. All were welcome and all were appreciated. If you’ve never had the experience of hanging out with a bunch of self-assured women, you are truly missing out. To misquote the theme song from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – females be strong as hell. Actually, misquoting that theme is entirely appropriate, for at last night’s close I was singing the heck out of the “Kimmy” song.


Anyhoo – I’ll catch up on my sleep and my chores, then I’m sure to have fun somewhere else. I mean come on! Fun rules! I highly recommend it.